A Modern Approach to Advisory, Research, Intelligence, Media, and Go-to-Market.

Anticipate tectonic shifts in your market to leverage disruptive innovation in your strategy and go-to-market approach.

Why The Futurum Group?

The Futurum Group’s analysts, researchers, advisors, content creators, and marketing experts help business leaders anticipate and understand shifts in their industries and build strategies that leverage disruptive innovation. We work in analysis and research, and take that insight and knowledge  further, engaging all the way through the go-to-market process.

Access unparalleled advice and insight.

  • Make strategicdata-driven decisions.
  • Access deep technical knowledge.
  • Stay abreast of technology trendsnews, and earnings.
  • Work with hands-on analysts across the executive, analyst relations, and product marketing teams.
  • Find a true competitive edge.
  • Work with analysts featured across TV, print, online, webcast, and social channels.
  • Be part of the story with analysts who appear regularly in premier media outlets such as Forbes, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, and more.
  • Connect with your audience through the 1.2+ billion social media impressions of The Futurum Group.

Amplify your story where buyers read, watch, and listen.

Activate buyers, influencers, and decision-makers.

  • Engage your audience with a compelling conversation.
  • Propel prospects through the buyers’ journey with insight-driven custom content.
  • Accelerate your pipeline with ABM and sales enablement.
  • Improve your competitiveness immediately with a C-suite strategy session.
  • Drive coverage within days with an analyst relations product briefing.
  • Get your campaign assets to market in weeks, not months.
  • Know in near real-time the impact and coverage for your business.

Achieve rapid, measurable results.

  • Our Functional Groups and Business Units

    The Futurum Group's strategic business units focus on high-tech research, market intelligence, analysis, testing, media services, and go-to-market services.
  • Futurum Research

    Futurum Research provides in-depth research and insights on global technology markets.
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  • Futurum Network

    Futurum Network’s digital media platform provides daily news and analysis, combined with editorial insight and features.
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  • Futurum Labs

    Futurum Labs provides testing and validation services that enable our clients to create data driven materials and tools to highlight competitive advantages and differentiation to their IT customers.
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  • Futurum Intelligence

    Futurum Intelligence provides on-demand, syndicated market studies and visualization dashboards that inform with precision and depth to provide critical decision insight for strategists, product management, and marketers.
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  • Visible Impact

    Visible Impact offers go-to-market support across messaging, content development, buyer activation, and sales enablement.
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Our Practice Areas

The Futurum Group’s extensive industry experience delivers reliable research and data, thought leadership, and current actionable advice to help you with your strategy and go-to-market efforts.

Are you ready for a modern approach to advisory, research, intelligence, media, and go-to-market?

Latest Insights

Revolutionizing Telecommunications with AIOps and Unified Workflows
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group share their insights on the importance of unified workflows, data, and processes across IT and NOC domains.
Empowering Enterprises with Integrated AI Solutions
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty and Steven Dickens share their insights on Wipro’s announcement of its Enterprise AI-Ready Platform with IBM's watsonx, accelerating AI adoption and integration across industries.
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director at The Futurum Group, covers the challenge of balancing product demand against providing an excellent CX, and discusses how enterprise software, data, and fees can offer a solution.
IBM X-Force Report Cites Valid Credentials as a Top Attack Method, the Rise of Info-Stealers, and that Patching Remains Crucial
Krista Macomber, Research Director and Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares her insights on IBM’s 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index.
Qualcomm’s Newest Tensor-Accelerated Modem-RF Solution, the Snapdragon X80, Is a 5G Advanced and NTN-Ready Powerhouse
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director at The Futurum Group, highlights features, benefits, and industry firsts packed into Qualcomm’s newest modem-RF solution, the AI-accelerated Snapdragon X80.
Cohesity Brings RAG AI to Secondary Data Stores with Gaia
Russ Fellows and Krista Macomber of The Futurum Group share their insights on Cohesity Gaia, an AI-powered conversational assistant for querying secondary data.
Dell Reups Its Commitment to Partners in 2024 with New Incentives and a Focus on AI
Camberley Bates at The Futurum Group shares her insights on the consistency, commitment, and AI strategies of Dell Technologies partner program for 2024.
The Earnings Report, Coupled with Its Pending Acquisition by Cisco, Serve as a Testament to Splunk’s Continued Leadership Within the Cybersecurity and Observability Field
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Lead, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group share their insights on Splunk’s earnings and future outlook in preparation for the acquisition by Cisco.