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Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung Coordinate Global Launch of Snapdragon X-Powered Windows Copilot+ PCs
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on Microsoft’s Copilot+ PC announcement and explains why Qualcomm’s Windows-on-Arm AI-accelerated Snapdragon X PC platform is set to radically transform the PC space.
The New ThinkCentre Desktops Are Powered by AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 Series Desktop Processors
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director at The Futurum Group, shares his insights about Lenovo’s decision to lean into on-device AI’s system improvement value proposition for the enterprise.
Horizon OS Is Meta’s Overdue Horse-Before-Cart Moment for XR Adoption
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director at The Futurum Group, shares his insights about Meta’s Horizon OS announcement, outlines how its app developer ecosystem may be the missing link in Meta’s mainstream market XR adoption strategy.
The Futurum Group's Chief Evangelist Shelly Kramer examines what the rollout of iMessage on Windows 11 will mean for iPhone users who use Microsoft desktops or laptops. This is significant allowing users to use iMessage features on their PC.
Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the Ericsson, Intel, and Microsoft demo of end-to-end SA network slicing capabilities on a Windows laptop provides the trio critical sales and marketing momentum in the lead up to MWC 2023 and incentivizes CSPs to confidently accelerate their 5G SA network expansion and broaden their 5G monetization ambitions.
Futurum principal analyst Shelly Kramer takes a look at Microsoft’s newly announced Microsoft Viva Sales offering, which shows the company is wasting zero time working to maximize newly acquired OpenAI and ChatGPT into products. Microsoft Viva Sales now brings together the power of Azure OpenAI Service and ChatGPT and is designed to change the way sales teams communicate with clients and prospects, not only saving time, but affording personalization and other important touches along the way.
Futurum analysts Daniel Newman and Todd R. Weiss share their insights as Microsoft revenue hits $52.7B for Q2 FY23, up 2% YoY, as the Azure cloud, Windows, and business productivity tech giant announces its latest quarterly earnings.
The Six Five team discusses Microsoft Windows Update
If you’re interested in learning how to improve your edge deployments with automation, download your copy of A Deep Dive on Edge+Automation today.
Futurum analysts Michael Diamond and Shelly Kramer discuss Microsoft’s The Future of Hybrid Work on Microsoft Windows 11 which introduced and showcased some features and functionality that are easy to get excited about. Helping organizations build more secure, inclusive, and highly productive workplace environments and support employees wherever and whenever they work is obviously the goal, and Microsoft delivers on many fronts in that regard. Here are some of the new features that particularly piqued their interest.
On this episode of The Six Five Webcast, hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman discuss the tech news stories that made headlines this week including AMD's datacenter announcement, the Mitel and RingCentral partnership, and more.
This summer, Microsoft announced Windows 365, a cloud PC, that allows users to enjoy a personalized Windows experience on any personal or corporate device—from anywhere. Another piece of the hybrid work puzzle, which is rapidly changing as tech looks to make remote and hybrid work easier.