Author: Steven Dickens

Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor at The Futurum Group, is joined by Scott Fagen, President of SHARE, to talk about the upcoming SHARE conference, discussing its role in showcasing mainframe innovations and fostering industry networking.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor, emphasizes the strategic importance of the Australian Government's partnership with AWS in bolstering national defense and cybersecurity capabilities. He highlights how this collaboration will leverage advanced technologies to protect sensitive information and enhance interoperability with international partners.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor at The Futurum Group, shares insights on the strategic partnership between GlobalFoundries and BAE Systems, emphasizing its impact on national security and the semiconductor supply chain.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor from the Futurum Group, highlights IBM's strategic use of AI in enhancing the sports experience, emphasizing the balance between small and large models as demonstrated by the versatile Granite family. He underscores the significance of IBM's open-source approach in democratizing AI innovation and addressing the practical needs of enterprises.
This report serves as a continuation of The Futurum Group’s 2023 Cloud Downtime Incident Report, providing a detailed examination of downtime incidents across major cloud providers during the Q1 2024 time period. By meticulously collecting and analyzing publicly available incident reporting data, we uncover patterns and practices surrounding outages and incident reporting.
The Futurum Group’s latest market insight report, Navigating the Mainframe Landscape: Q1 2024 Challenges, Trends, and Strategies for Success, explores critical insights and findings shaping the current mainframe market.
Over recent months, Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor, has observed significant investments in sovereign cloud deployments by major hyperscalers such as Oracle, AWS, and IBM. This trend is driven by a fractious geopolitical landscape where data sovereignty and regulatory compliance have emerged as critical concerns for governments and enterprises, particularly in regions with stringent data protection laws like the EU.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor, highlights the strategic importance of Teradata's partnership with Google Cloud in providing robust AI solutions that drive enterprise efficiency and innovation. He emphasizes the potential of this collaboration to enhance business outcomes by leveraging advanced AI technologies and seamless data integration.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens shares his insights on the announcements from Broadcom and Google at FinOpsX 2024 along with the introduction of FOCUS to standardize interoperability and collaboration in multi-cloud environments.
Spurthi Kommajosula from IBM joins host Steven Dickens to share insights on modernizing data exchange to accelerate data and AI outcomes—illustrating the need for efficiency, governance, and the benefits of treating data as a valuable product.
The Futurum Group’s Research Brief, Unlocking AI Potential: How HPE Private Cloud AI Accelerates AI Deployment and Innovation, completed in partnership with HPE and NVIDIA, delves into the complexities of AI deployment and the solutions offered by HPE's Private Cloud AI.
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader, discusses Broadcom's Q2 2024 performance, driven by strategic investments in AI and the successful integration of VMware.