Author: Steven Dickens

A Comprehensive Review of IBM Mainframe’s Approach to Earthquake Preparedness and System Reliability
Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Lead at The Futurum Group, provides his insights into the significance of IBM's architectural innovations for enhancing infrastructure resilience and system reliability in the face of natural disasters.
Google’s Hybrid Solution Addresses Nuanced Requirements of Modern Workloads, Including Data Sovereignty, Security Concerns, and Data Gravity
Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Lead at The Futurum Group, provides his insights into the strategic evolution of hyperscale cloud providers into on-premises data centers and the implications for modern enterprises.
Google’s Axion and AI Hypercomputer Enhancements Are Poised to Compete Head-to-Head with AWS’s Custom Silicon Processor Offerings
Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Lead at The Futurum Group, provides his insights into the significant shift as hyperscale cloud providers increasingly turn to custom silicon solutions to enhance performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
The Futurum Group's latest research report, 2023 Cloud Downtime Incident Report, presents a detailed examination of downtime incidents across major cloud providers. By meticulously collecting and analyzing publicly available incident reporting data, we uncover patterns and practices surrounding outages and incident reporting.
Learn more about the ever-changing mainframe talent acquisition, skill development, and industry trends in our upcoming Research Report. Explore the complex talent flow funnel to learn about the interests and capabilities of students who are specializing in mainframes.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: VMware Under Broadcom's Ownership, delves into the strategic direction under CEO Hock Tan, key announcements across VMware's product suite, and provides recommendations and a forward-looking perspective on VMware's journey under Broadcom's stewardship.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: Google Innovates in Generative AI with Focus on IaaS to Foster Growth, examines these latest blogs on the infrastructure level, emphasizing the strategic investments and innovations initiated as far back as 2013 that have positioned Google to efficiently manage AI workloads.
A Nuanced View of Amazon’s AI Retail Strategy, Underscoring the Importance of Understanding Amazon’s Strategic Commitment to Enhancing Retail through AI
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens engaged with Dr. Matt Wood and Jon Jenkins, who illuminated the nuanced reality of Just Walk Out and Dash carts technology, diverging from mainstream and social media portrayals.
IBM Launches Enhanced Fan Experience for the Masters Tournament
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens provides his take on IBM’s continued support of the Masters Golf Tournament. IBM is delivering AI-driven enriched fan experiences through IBM watsonx to engage new and existing golf fans globally.
How AWS Is Addressing Changing Market Dynamics in Response to the Inherent Complexities of Kubernetes
Steven Dickens, Camberley Bates, and Paul Nashawaty, Practice Leads at The Futurum Group, review AWS strategic vision and announcements around Kubernetes from KubeCon, Paris.
Anthony Anter and Tim Ceradsky from BMC Software join Steven Dickens to share their insights on fortifying mainframe operational resilience through a strategic CI/CD pipeline approach, emphasizing the importance of early integration and comprehensive testing strategies.
Chad Reiber and Tim Ceradsky from BMC share their insights on operational resilience in hybrid cloud environments, emphasizing the importance of immutable copies of mainframe data for business continuity.