Category: AI and Data Analytics

In our latest Market Insight Report, Leveraging CDPs to Support Access to Data, AI, and Automation, we define the CDP market, detail the top market drivers, discuss the core capabilities that should be embedded in any CDP solution, discuss pricing structures, identify how CDPs are deployed within the technology stack, cover the key functionality of CDPs, and discuss key market trends.
Matt Baker, SVP - AI Enablement at Dell Technologies, alongside Solidigm, shares his insights on Dell's Density Journey, exploring the future of AI and technology density.
The Futurum Group Chief Technology Advisor, Keith Townsend, explores Samsara’s entry into asset tracking and examines the company’s advanced distracted driver technology.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor from the Futurum Group, highlights IBM's strategic use of AI in enhancing the sports experience, emphasizing the balance between small and large models as demonstrated by the versatile Granite family. He underscores the significance of IBM's open-source approach in democratizing AI innovation and addressing the practical needs of enterprises.
New Suite of Premium Capabilities Enabling Management of Work at Scale
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director, Enterprise Applications, explores how Smartsheet Advance transforms enterprise work management with enhanced efficiency and security. The new suite of premium capabilities addresses the challenges of managing complex workflows and ensuring data security and compliance.
Combating Retinopathy of Prematurity via Technology
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director, Enterprise Applications, reports on how SAP and CleaVision's innovative AI technology prevents infant blindness in India. This partnership leverages machine learning to enhance early diagnosis and treatment, particularly in regions with limited medical resources.
Luke Norris, CEO at, joins hosts Alastair Cooke & Lisa Martin to share insights on leveraging AI with private data to power the 5th Industrial Revolution. An insightful conversation on the future of enterprise AI.
On this episode of The Six Five Connected, Diana Blass explores Dell Tech World to uncover the cutting-edge infrastructure powering AI in enterprises.
Spurthi Kommajosula from IBM joins host Steven Dickens to share insights on modernizing data exchange to accelerate data and AI outcomes—illustrating the need for efficiency, governance, and the benefits of treating data as a valuable product.
Charles Giancarlo, CEO at Pure Storage, joins Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead to share his insights on the latest storage technologies and visions for the future. A must-watch for those vested in the future of digital infrastructure.
Steen Graham, Founder at Scalers AI, and Jeremy Johnson, Technical Marketing Engineer at Dell Technologies, join host David Nicholson to share their insights on enhancing AI accessibility and innovation to improve workplace safety with an Industrial AI Metaverse Solution.
Mohan Rokkam and Steen Graham join host David Nicholson to share their insights on the revolutionary impact of AI in transforming the healthcare sector, making it more accessible and efficient, while exploring the benefits of CPU-based AI solutions.