Analyst Directory


Daniel is a visionary leader setting out to shift the high tech research and analysis business by delivering next generation insights, speed, and intelligence to the marketplace.

Chief Research Officer

Clint is an experienced market research executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in advising leading tech companies on their market strategies.

Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan is a revenue leader and sales strategist bringing 18 years of executive management and revenue generation experience in digital media publishing.

Vice President and Practice Lead

Camberley leads the Data Infrastructure Practice bringing over 25 years of technology and leadership expertise ranging from mainframes, open systems, and cloud to the channel with systems integrators and IT end-users.

Head of Futurum Intelligence

Marc leads The Futurum Group's effort to build and deliver the next generation data-driven intelligence platform for the digital technology and services market.

Research Director

Mark is a research director with a focus on emerging technology trends, primarily focused on AI and data analytics.

Senior Analyst and Research Director

Olivier's research coverage focuses on the market for PCs and devices, including component technology and supply chains, together with sustainability, regulation, and policy.

CTO, Visible Impact

Guy works with technical and product marketers, sales teams, and partners to reveal and articulate the value of technologies and products for the benefit of organizations and communities.

Vice President and Practice Lead

Steven engages with the world’s largest technology brands to explore new operating models and how they drive innovation and competitive edge.

Research Director

Craig focuses on room-based video conferencing solutions with a focus on the workforce, workplace, & workflows within the workplace communications market.

Head of Futurum Labs

Russ leads validation and benchmarking labs, focusing on Compute, Integrated Systems, Networking and Cloud technologies performance, and usability testing for vendors and IT end users.

Contributing Writer

Alex Gaw is a Contributing Writer at Futurum Network, covering news and developments within the global CX market.

Senior Analyst

Sherril is a Senior Analyst contributing to work in the customer experience space and advisory services.

Senior Strategist and Analyst

Randy is a key strategist in identifying major trends and shifts that occur within the IT Data Center and information technology market space.

Research Director

Keith is a Research Director contributing to customer experience advisory service.

Research Analyst

Mitch is a research analyst with a focus on emerging technology trends, primarily focused on data and information technologies and their use in multi cloud environments.

Senior Analyst

Krista is a Senior Analyst focused on data security, protection, and management.

Senior Analyst

Dave is a senior analyst with a focus on the integrated infrastructure, consumption models and cloud storage technologies.


Todd is an experienced Analyst with 20+ years of experience as a technology journalist in a wide variety of tech focused areas.

Research Director

Ron is an experienced research expert and analyst with over 20 years of experience in the digital and IT transformation markets.