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Author: Ron Westfall

Cisco and NVIDIA Strengthen Alliance to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption and Management of AI Infrastructure and Hosting on Secure Ethernet Foundation
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall examines how the strengthened Cisco NVIDIA alliance can play an integral role in accelerating enterprise transition and re-architecting to AI networking vital to deploying and securing Ethernet-driven AI solutions.
Dell and Nokia Strengthen Alliance to Advance Private 5G and Network Cloud Transformation to Spur Private 5G Use Cases and Open Network Architecture Adoption
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why the extension of the Dell-Nokia alliance better positions both companies to meet the evolving private 5G network needs of organizations in the design, deployment, and operation of private networks.
An Assessment of Key 5G-IoT Alliance Developments Including Dell Nokia P5G Use Case Focus, Intel Enlisting P5G Partners, and Vonage AWS Network API Push
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall examines key new 5G alliances that he sees as having the most impact pre-MWC24 including Dell and Nokia teaming up to advance private 5G network use cases, Intel enlisting an array of major partners to accelerate private 5G network adoption, and Ericsson’s Vonage and AWS working together to use network APIs to onboard millions of AWS developers through AWS Marketplace.
Oracle Autonomous Database Accelerates the Development of AI-enabled Applications Through Select AI Capabilities That Can Be Used in Any Database Apps
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall examines why Oracle is breaking AI ground with a generally available Select AI capability for organizations to have a contextual dialogue with their private, proprietary data.
GlobalFoundries Q4 and FY 2023 Earnings Spotlight Robust Performance in Automotive Amid Demand Softness and Inventory Adjustments in Other End Markets
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Daniel Newman assess why they believe GlobalFoundries’ Q4 and FY 2023 results showed GF’s partnership diversification played a key role in the automotive end market’s breakthrough FY 2023 performance.
Cisco Q2 Results Reflect Ongoing Macro Caution and Uncertainties with Revenue Growth in Security, Collaboration, and Observability Bright Spots
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Daniel Newman examine Cisco’s Q2 FY 2024 results and why the improving subscription-based revenue trend provides a positive framework to successfully address concerns that resulted in the dial back of guidance.
An Assessment of Key 5G-IoT Developments Including On-Device AI Progress, Voice and Gesture Innovations, and Foldable Screens Unfolding Across the Ecosystem
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Olivier Blanchard scrutinize key innovations leading into 2024 and MWC 24 including how on-device AI will begin to reset expectations for everyday tech products’ features, capabilities, and UX, voice and gesture recognition innovations redefining the AR and smart glasses categories, and foldable screens ready to proliferate across the entire device space.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: 5G Monetization in 2024, assesses why 5G monetization is gaining momentum as CSPs accelerate deployment of 5G standalone networks and emerging 5G services and use cases are ready to produce significant 5G monetization outcomes.
Juniper’s AI-Networking Platform Augments AIOps and VNA Capabilities with Digital Experience Twinning Alongside AI Data Center Innovation to Unleash AI Innovations
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall examines why the debut of Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform provides the comprehensive AIOps capabilities and new AI data center capabilities key to improving network performance.
GSMA and IBM Collaborate to Accelerate AI Adoption and Skills for the Telecom Industry with Debut of Generative AI Program and Industry Challenge
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why the GSMA and IBM alliance can help advance the democratization of AI by propagating training and access to the watsonx platform throughout the telecom ecosystem.
An Assessment of Key 5G-IoT Developments Including GSMA IBM Telco AI Collaboration, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform, and Nokia AVA Energy Efficiency.
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall explores key 5G AI and GenAI move to watch in 2024 including GSMA IBM collaboration on assisting telco AI adoption using IBM’s watsonx platform and training, Juniper’s debut its AI-Native Networking Platform and Nokia’s AVA Energy Efficiency solution aimed at advancing operator sustainability objectives.
An Assessment of Key 5G-IoT Innovation Developments Including DTaaS’ Growing Readiness, Multi-G Progress, and Wind River’s Role in NTT DOCOMO vRAN Launch.
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall explores key 5G ecosystem innovations to watch in 2024 including DTaaS readiness for global 5G deployments, the Multi-G initiative’s boost from major players, and Wind River’s pivotal role in NTT DOCOMO’s first vRAN commercial service.