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For several years running, Wainhouse, now part of The Futurum Group, has been an invaluable external partner to GoTo for UCaaS research, data, and advice. I’ve been in Analyst Relations for seven years and have worked with most of the analyst firms and independents across multiple industries. The Futurum Group stands out for their commitment to serving their customers in a timely manner, whether it’s providing key data points for board meeting preparation or engaging in a custom project.

Dave Matson

Head of Analyst Relations - GoTo

We have worked closely with the Futurum Research team for a number of years and have continually found their team to bring a plethora of invaluable insights that help drive our strategy while also being a dependable resource for providing outbound insights and supporting go to market needs through its comprehensive research and media asset development.

Meg Crawford

Senior Digital Media & Influencer Marketing Manager - Splunk

We have worked with Futurum for the past five years and we continue to find their innovative approach to research, analysis, and influence highly valuable and strategic to our AR strategy. As the market landscape continues to shift, Futurum provides us with quality insights and advice while also being a reliable media and market-facing source of analysis and opinion. We see Futurum’s disruptive approach as essential to best-in-class AR organizations across the technology space given the effectiveness of its research and analysis.

Jennifer Douglas

Analyst Relations Lead - Microsoft

Daniel Newman and The Futurum Group help Broadcom bring insights to IT Enterprise Leaders with speed & credibility.

Joe Doria

Chief Marketing Officer, Mainframe Software Division - Broadcom Software

We have been fortunate to work with Wainhouse Research, now a part of The Futurum Group, on critical projects that have both informed and guided us on our journey to become one of the leading cloud communication platforms in the world. We rely on their intelligence reports and visualization dashboards for market monitoring and critical insight for market direction; and have worked with them on product evaluations, TAM analysis, and market leadership support materials. The Futurum Group has been an important extension of our strategy and product teams.

Gary Chesnutis

Global Analyst Relations - Zoom Video Communications

Lumen Technologies has been working with Wainhouse Research, now part of The Futurum Group, for over 10 years. Lumen has been an annual subscriber to their syndicated market intelligence and most recently worked together on Live! from the Show Floor interviews with our executives. We find The Futurum Group’s market intelligence provides the breadth, depth, and accuracy to assist in our most critical decisions for Workplace Communications. And their analysts consistently have expert insight that assists in Lumen’s goal of powering progress and next generation digital technologies – they get us.

Timothy Guillen

Director Analyst & Consultant Relations - Lumen Technologies

Futurum Labs (formerly Evaluator Group) has long been a trusted advisor to NetApp. We are excited to see their deep expertise in the storage and data management married to the dynamic market presence of The Futurum Group.

Tom Shields

Senior Director of Marketing - NetApp

The Futurum Group has been an indispensable partner in shaping our go-to-market strategy. Their adept market analysis, rigorous message testing and refinement, and profound understanding of emerging market trends have consistently delivered outstanding results. Their ability to create in-depth research reports and video interviews with our subject matter experts has empowered us to generate high-quality leads at the top of the funnel, setting the stage for our continued success. The Futurum Group’s rapid response to develop insightful research reports at short notice were our secret weapon in launching a new acquisition seamlessly. Their partnership proved invaluable, swiftly providing the insights needed to position us for market success.

Eric Odell

Director, Solutions Marketing, BMC AMI Portfolio - BMC