Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies have the potential to provide businesses with a competitive edge, but understanding and adapting to this new reality is crucial. At The Futurum Group, we specialize in helping businesses go beyond the technical details, effectively articulating and communicating the tangible customer benefits of emerging technologies. Through concise messaging and a clear approach, we facilitate the rapid adoption of these technologies by removing barriers and paving the way for success.

Our expertise guides vendors through uncharted waters as they introduce new technologies to the market. As leaders in this field, we are the trusted experts sought after by media, the market, and end customers alike, offering insights to make sense of new products and understand how these emerging technologies fit within the larger enterprise landscape.


  • Advanced Computing
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Quantum Computing
  • Robotics


Quantinuum Announced a Dramatic Improvement in Error Rates that Should Lead to Faster Adoption of Quantum Error-Correcting Codes
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses Quantinuum’s announcement of achieving better than 99.9% 2-qubit gate fidelity and what this means for quantum error correction.
April 19 ‘Halving’ and New ETFs May Alter the Finance Ecosystem
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader at The Futurum Group, highlights that as Bitcoin has introduced spot Bitcoin ETFs and experiences its fourth halving, it continues to redefine the financial landscape.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor looks at five generative AI Python code generators to see how well they follow instructions and whether their outputs check for errors and are functionally complete.
Oliver Parker, Vice President at Google Cloud, joins Daniel Newman and Patrick Moorhead to share his insights on why Google Cloud is increasingly becoming the go-to option for generative AI, given its advanced capabilities and global customer engagement.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor uses the news of IBM’s installation of a Quantum System One at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York to discuss why putting a quantum computing system on-premises is becoming a reasonable strategy.
Ash Kulkarni, CEO at Elastic joins Daniel Newman to share his insights on Elastic's recent financial achievements and the company's prowess in generative AI technology. A compelling brief glimpse into how generative AI is shaping the future of Elastic's offerings and customer experiences.

The Latest NEWS

Quantum Computing Power Explored to Prevent Metal Corrosion in Industry, Public Infrastructure, Other Tough Environmental Conditions
Todd R. Weiss, Senior Analyst with The Futurum Group, shares his insights about how metal corrosion on jets might be the next big use case…
Innovations in Loyalty Programs Can Yield Significant Improvements in Revenue Growth, Customer Retention, and Profitability
Clint Wheelock, Chief Research Officer at The Futurum Group, examines how companies are looking at implementing NFT loyalty programs to improve customer engagement and retention…
Implications Are Significant on Customer Relationships, Data Transparency, and Consumer Loyalty
The Technology Could Grant Customers More Control of Which Companies See Their Data and How