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Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies have the potential to provide businesses with a competitive edge, but understanding and adapting to this new reality is crucial. At The Futurum Group, we specialize in helping businesses go beyond the technical details, effectively articulating and communicating the tangible customer benefits of emerging technologies. Through concise messaging and a clear approach, we facilitate the rapid adoption of these technologies by removing barriers and paving the way for success.

Our expertise guides vendors through uncharted waters as they introduce new technologies to the market. As leaders in this field, we are the trusted experts sought after by media, the market, and end customers alike, offering insights to make sense of new products and understand how these emerging technologies fit within the larger enterprise landscape.


  • Advanced Computing
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Quantum Computing
  • Robotics


The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens is joined by Francesco Piccoli, Senior Director at AnChain, discusses the company's role in enhancing blockchain security and compliance, particularly focusing on anti-money laundering (AML) practices.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens talks with Parv Aggarwal from the Diaspora Bank Project to discuss their efforts to connect the African diaspora to their homeland through efficient remittances using Ripple's CBDC platform.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens is joined by Kennedy Ng'ang’a to discuss Nairobi-based company Shamba’s innovative use of Ripple's CBDC platform to integrate ecological data into the blockchain, driving parametric insurance solutions.
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader at The Futurum Group meets with the winners of Ripple's Innovate 2023 competition. ExtoLabs CEO Orang Dialameh highlighted the challenges in digitizing cash, focusing on the high costs for merchants and the friction in both mature and emerging markets.
Company Attributes Revenue Target Miss to Larger-Than-Expected Development Costs and Deal Slippage
Daniel Newman and Keith Kirkpatrick of The Futurum Group cover Luminar’s Q3 2023 earnings and discuss the key company strategies and external factors that will help the LiDAR provider’s story resonate more clearly with investors over the next year.
Despite YoY Revenue Losses, Qualcomm Q4 2023 Earnings Beat Expectations
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard share insights on Qualcomm Q4 2023 earnings, which beat expectations and join other tech sector quarterly earnings in suggesting an improving demand environment for handsets and other devices.

The Latest NEWS

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