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The communications network analysts at The Futurum Group provide a fresh perspective and cross-disciplinary approach to research and analysis. We help communications service providers (CSPs) and their customers navigate the complex landscape of mobile and cloud technologies, edge networking, data networking, CSP networks, orchestration, and network silicon.

As software increasingly drives differentiation in the market, manufacturers must effectively communicate this paradigm shift, aligning with the reinvented business models of service providers. The Futurum Group excels in helping clients establish their position, craft compelling messages, and extend their influence and market reach.

For businesses seeking to consolidate, expand, or adapt their communications networks, the multitude of choices can be overwhelming. As a trusted advisor, The Futurum Group provides a differentiated viewpoint, helping organizations discern between promises and realities of new technologies, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

Businesses trust The Futurum Group’s perspective to cut through the noise and gain a clearer outlook on AI’s potential. We enable organizations to integrate AI and analytics seamlessly into their processes and products, while amplifying impactful go-to-market messages that resonate with the marketplace.


  • 5G
  • Data Networking
  • Edge Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Service Provider Networks
  • Standards Development


Oracle Debuts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Telco Landing Zone, Google Cloud Motorola Bring GenAI to Razr Smartphones and AWS Seeks Global Roaming
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Steven Dickens examine the recent key 5G-related moves made by the hyperscale cloud providers including Google Cloud and Motorola announcing a new multi-year relationship to bring GenAI to Motorola phones, AWS works with SK Telecom to test outbound roaming across its global infrastructure, and OCI Telco Landing Zone debuts aimed at optimizing telco workloads.
T-Mobile Spotlights OpenSignal’s USA Mobile Network Experience Report that Demonstrates Delivering Top Network Performance and 5G Leadership Mobile Connectivity for Users
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assessed why spotlighting OpenSignal’s USA Mobile Network Experience Report provides a strong trajectory for T-Mobile in maintaining and enhancing its mind share and channel influence across key areas of network performance.
The Futurum Group Chief Technology Advisor, Keith Townsend, explores Samsara’s entry into asset tracking and examines the company’s advanced distracted driver technology.
Marvell Unveils Alaska A 1.6T PAM4 DSP Aimed at Right Sizing AECs to Fulfill the Fast-Growing AI Accelerator Bandwidth Demands in Cloud Data Centers
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why the Alaska A 1.6T PAM4 DSP debut strengthens Marvell’s ability to ensure AI accelerators meet the demands for higher bandwidth 200G/lane interconnects underpinned by the industry-wide migration of copper interconnects from DAC to AEC.
BT ServiceNow Expand Relation to Elevate CX, Vodafone Germany FlyNex Take to the Drone Skies, and Altice Attains Complexity Relief with Google Cloud
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Tom Hollingsworth review the deft recent moves of key CSPs including BT Group and ServiceNow expanding their relation to vastly improve CX and workforce experience, Vodafone Germany and FlyNex taking to the drone skies, and Altice using the Google Cloud Application Integration architecture to surmount legacy-borne complexity.
Microsoft Scales Back Azure for Operators, Dell and Nokia Bolster Cloud RAN Alliance, and Ericsson Provides Perspective on P5G Boosting Airport Operations
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Tom Hollingsworth assess major 5G ecosystem developments including Microsoft’s dramatic scale back of Azure for Operators unit, Nokia and Dell strengthening their alliance to help accelerate Cloud RAN deployments, and Ericsson spotlight on how P5G can play integral role in streamlining airport operations.

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