Insight Type: Research Note

Price Hikes Are the First in About 5 Years, Reflecting Enhanced Product Value
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 price increases and discusses the factors that may be influencing the enterprise software vendor’s pricing strategy.
Reduce the Need for Expensive Fine-Tuning While Gaining the Benefit of Domain-Specific Knowledge in a Large Language Model AI Application
Alastair Cooke, CTO Advisor at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on working with Dell to demonstrate that low-cost LLM updates can be delivered using retrieval-augmented generation on servers with modest GPUs.
Google Unveils Storage Optimizations for AI and ML at Next ‘24
Mitch Lewis and Camberley Bates, Research Analysts at The Futurum Group, cover the Google Next storage announcement and impact on AI.
A Comprehensive Review of IBM Mainframe’s Approach to Earthquake Preparedness and System Reliability
Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Lead at The Futurum Group, provides his insights into the significance of IBM's architectural innovations for enhancing infrastructure resilience and system reliability in the face of natural disasters.
VAST Data Adds Google Cloud Support to Extend Global Namespace
Mitch Lewis, Research Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on VAST Data with Google Cloud.
Platform Designed to Provide CRM, Trusted AI, and Data Capabilities to Drive Automation and Faster Service
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers the announcement of Public Sector Einstein 1 for Service, which is designed to address the productivity, efficiency, and data needs of government and public agency organizations.
A Plethora of Features and Tools Mark the Workspace Announcements at Google Cloud Next
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Google’s Workspace-related announcements from Google Cloud Next and discusses the impact of these enhancements on workers and Google’s strategy.
Simplifying Scalability, Performance, and Cost-Effectiveness for Enterprise Data Lakes
Stephen Foskett, President of Tech Field Day, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst at The Futurum Group, offer expert insights into Starburst's Managed Icehouse Implementation and its impact on the data analytics industry.
Chronosphere’s Growth and Partnership with Google Cloud Redefine Developer Experience in Cloud-Native Environments
Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group, provide their insights into Chronosphere’s partnership with Google Cloud and how the partnership impacts the observability space.
Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Software Development and Securing Enterprise Supply Chains in the Age of AI
Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group provide their insights into JFrog's annual Software Supply Chain State of the Union report for 2024, which reveals that most critical vulnerability scores are misleading.
The UXL Foundation Has Been Getting Attention Lately as It Plans to Provide an Open-Source Alternative to NVIDIA’s CUDA GPU Coding Platform
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses the UXL’s plan to create a “multi-architecture multi-vendor software ecosystem for all accelerators,” competing with NVIDIA’s CUDA platform for GPUs. Does it stand a chance of overcoming NVIDIA’s lead?
Intel Launched Its AI Strategy for Enterprises Spearheaded by Gaudi 3 Debut Emphasizing Open, Scalable Systems Built to Bring AI Innovation to All AI Segments
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Russ Fellows examine why the new Intel Gaudi, Xeon, and Core Ultra portfolio offerings immediately bolster the Intel enterprise AI proposition, bringing AI innovation everywhere.