Category: AR/VR

Developing a More Engaged and Productive Workforce
Clint Wheelock, Chief Research Officer at The Futurum Group, examines how metaverse and HR integration presents opportunities and challenges for human resources management to develop a more engaged and productive workforce.
Partnership Will Help Shape the Future of Volumetric Video Editing and Streaming
Clint Wheelock, Chief Research Officer at The Futurum Group, examines the recent announcement of Arcturus’ partnership with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios (MRCS), which will help shape the future of volumetric video for content creators.
New Consortium Will Promote Standardization, Development, Evolution, and Growth of 3D Content Industry
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director at The Futurum Group, covers the announcement of the Alliance for OpenUSD, a consortium announced to support the development of a 3D content standard and innovation, and discusses the need for such a standard with technology that can be deployed across a plethora of use cases and industries.
The Six Five team discusses Apple Vision Pro.
The Futurum Group Industry Analyst, Michael Diamond offers his recap of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC23) where the company made a slew of announcements such as its 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Studio, Mac Pro and previews of its iOS 17, iPadOS17, macOS Sonoma, WatchOS10 and its entry into the spatial computing market with its Apple Vision Pro headset.
The Futurum Group's Sean Spradling, Senior Analyst for Workplace Communication Platforms and Applications, discusses Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset innovations and their implications for unified communications.
Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why Qualcomm is playing an integral role in driving the innovation behind the new WiFi 7 features that provide substantial improvements over previous versions, including a wide array of different measures designed to optimize mesh networking performance, which can help accelerate wireless ecosystem-wide adoption of WiFi 7.
Futurum analyst Michael Diamond looks at Lenovo’s newly announced ThinkStation P Series workstations, designed in partnership with Aston Martin, and explores how the systems will help make workers in STEM and STEAM job functions more productive in the future.
Wainhouse senior analyst Sean Spradling, part of The Futurum Group Family of companies, dives into the Metaverse and Workplace Communications, sharing how the Wainhouse team has defined the Metaverse, and looks at some of the possibilities ahead.
Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the Ericsson, Intel, and Microsoft demo of end-to-end SA network slicing capabilities on a Windows laptop provides the trio critical sales and marketing momentum in the lead up to MWC 2023 and incentivizes CSPs to confidently accelerate their 5G SA network expansion and broaden their 5G monetization ambitions.
Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why Dell’s Concept Nyx initiative explores how virtual worlds and immersive experiences could develop into new ways to connect with others as well as our content, especially in alignment with the ability to intuitively distribute headset-free XR/VR content across any preferred screen and capitalizing on the market potential for headset-free XR applications such as 5G-enabled holography.