Introducing Futurum.AI

Futurum.AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered text generation tool that will enable The Futurum Group’s clients, partners, and global IT buyers to generate real-time insights and analytics, access market intelligence, interact with the knowledge base of our analysts/advisors, and utilize our research and insights to drive product demand.

Futurum.AI leverages the power of several different generative transformer models in conjunction with the data of tens of thousands of research reports, articles, digital and social media, podcasts, television appearances, market intelligence, and custom content. Planned services include Futurum.AI-Advisory, Futurum.AI-Analytics, and Futurum.AI-Demand. Services include Futurum.AI-Advisory, Futurum.AI-Analytics, and Futurum.AI-Demand.

The rapid onset of generative AI is going to lead to significant changes in the high tech research and analysis space. The launch of Futurum.AI represents the type of market leadership and innovation that is needed in the industry. I am looking forward to exploring the new Futurum.AI tools and seeing a meaningful shift in how technology research, analysis, and advisory is delivered in an era of AI and machine learning.

Rob Bearden, Former CEO



Vendors and buyers will be able to instantly interact with Futurum and its analysts to gather viewpoints, sentiment, comparative and competitive takes, and more.


The Futurum Group’s clients will be able to measure the impact of their research, analysis, and digital assets in real time.


Futurum.AI-Demand’s AI-led workflow and powerful market intelligence rapidly produces marketing collateral based on your custom research or content, tailored to resonate with your target audience, and designed to drive measurable demand.

With Futurum.AI, our customers will immediately be able to better understand how our world class analyst team perceives products, services, competition, and innovation while also supporting key performance indicators such as media, reach, influence, and demand generation. The tool will continuously be trained to add greater features and deliver more valuable and immediate insights to our users.

Futurum.AI is expected to be available in beta Q4 2023 for use for qualifying customers.

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