Announcing Cybersphere,
Futurum Group's Cybersecurity Advisory

As cyber threats continue to escalate in complexity and frequency, businesses are challenged with the important mission of keeping their data, and their customers’ data, safe. The Futurum Group’s launch of Cybersphere empowers organizations to mitigate threats by providing actionable insights,  proactive strategies, and advisory services for protecting their data. Led by cybersecurity expert Shira Rubinoff, our team enables you to anticipate emerging risks and offers tailored solutions to foster resilience in an interconnected world fueled by data, AI, and emerging technologies.

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Camberley Bates, Steven Dickens, and Krista Macomber discuss recent developments in the tech industry, including Palo Alto's earnings revision, IBM's security report, Lenovo's earnings, and Hammerspace's new Hyperscale NAS release.
IBM X-Force Report Cites Valid Credentials as a Top Attack Method, the Rise of Info-Stealers, and that Patching Remains Crucial
Krista Macomber, Research Director and Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group, shares her insights on IBM’s 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index.
Dell Reups Its Commitment to Partners in 2024 with New Incentives and a Focus on AI
Camberley Bates at The Futurum Group shares her insights on the consistency, commitment, and AI strategies of Dell Technologies partner program for 2024.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters, hosts Krista Macomber, Steven Dickens and Camberley Bates discuss Broadcom's strategic focus with VMware, Dell's partner program adjustments, Teradata's transition to cloud-based offerings, and the market reactions to these changes.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters, hosts Camberley Bates and Krista Macomber discuss Cohesity’s planned acquisition of Veritas NetBackup, NetBackup appliances and Alta SaaS, updates on Cybersecurity Policy including insights from Krista’s participation in a MarketScale Experts Talk, Cisco’s and Hitachi’s relationship, and Infleqtion’s quantum computing.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters, hosts Steven Dickens and Camberley Bates are joined by Stephen Foskett and Keith Townsend, to discuss the evolving landscape of IT infrastructure, focusing on innovation and challenges in the field.

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Increased Customer and Employee Friction May Be Necessary to Thwart Threats
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Coaching, Geographic Expansion, Data Security, and Technology Partnerships Are Focus Areas

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