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Steen Graham, Founder at Scalers AI, and Jeremy Johnson, Technical Marketing Engineer at Dell Technologies, join host David Nicholson to share their insights on enhancing AI accessibility and innovation to improve workplace safety with an Industrial AI Metaverse Solution.
Mohan Rokkam and Steen Graham join host David Nicholson to share their insights on the revolutionary impact of AI in transforming the healthcare sector, making it more accessible and efficient, while exploring the benefits of CPU-based AI solutions.
Dell’s Mohan Rokkam and Scalers AI’s Steen Graham join host David Nicholson to share their insights on the transformative potential of AI in the retail sector. This brief glimpse offers a compelling overview inspiring readers to explore the depth of AI democratization and a compelling use case for CPU-based AI in retail environments.
Delmar Hernandez, Senior Principal Engineer at Dell, and Steen Graham, Founder at Scalers AI, join David Nicholson to share their insights on AI's democratization, focusing on the importance of scalable, heterogeneous AI inferencing. This highlights potential shifts in how industries approach AI technologies.
Delmar Hernandez and Steen Graham join David Nicholson to share their insights on scaling out generative AI platforms. They delve into how democratization of AI is not just a technological advancement but a necessity for fostering innovation across industries.
Seamus Jones, Director at Dell Technologies, and Steen Graham, Founder of Scalers AI, join host Dave Nicholson to share their insights on democratizing AI infrastructure. This episode explores innovative solutions that are making AI more accessible and the implications for various industries.
Chris Haley, Head of Global Platform at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, joins Shira Rubinoff to share his insights on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity within the legal sector, highlighting key strategies and trends post-Tanium's Converge Conference.
Doug Shepherd, Senior Director Offensive Security at JLL, joins Shira Rubinoff to share his insights on the latest in cybersecurity trends and strategies discussed at Tanium's Converge Conference.
Melissa Bishoping, Director at Tanium, joins Shira Rubinoff to share her insights on enhancing organizational security posture and the future of endpoint security, highlighting key points from the Tanium Converge Conference.
Dave Bermingham, SIOS Technical Evangelist, joins hosts Randy Kerns and Krista Macomber to share insights on ensuring application and data uptime in regulated industries like financial services, highlighting the benefits of SIOS DataKeeper.
In this episode, Keith Kirkpatrick speaks with Gina Whitty, Product Management, CCaaS + AI at GoTo, about the challenges faced by SMBs and mid-market companies that are trying to undergo a digital transformation.
Why 5G Connected Laptops Provide the Enduring Advantages of Superior Security Across the AI-powered Hybrid Workforce Ecosystem
Ken Williams, National Senior Manager of Partner Solutions at T-Mobile for Business, joins Ron Westfall and Krista Macomber to discuss the rapidly evolving threat landscape and steps decision makers can take to protect their organizations including why 5G connected laptops are integral to stopping growing cybersecurity threats across AI-infused hybrid work environments.