The Futurum Group offers a wide variety of webcasts to keep you up to speed on the latest technology news, earnings, products, and more. 

Leading tech analysts from The Futurum Group share weekly deep dives on the latest tech news, new products and services, mergers, earnings, regulations, and more. The Futurum Tech Webcast will keep you current on what’s happening in the tech space — from startups to industry leaders, emerging tech and what’s ahead for industries across the globe, along with interviews with tech industry leaders and experts.

This weekly session is cohosted by Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group, and Patrick Moorhead, CEO of Moor Insights and Strategy, and covers 6 topics for ~5 minutes each. Topics range across technology trends, news, earnings, and more, and often feature interviews with technology leaders. 

The Main Scoop is a monthly series covering news, announcements, trends, and new insights across the biz-tech landscape and the intersection of the mainframe. Each episode brings industry-leading thinkers and doers together to discuss ideas, opportunities, and strategies that shape business and IT strategy.

Regularly hosted by The Futurum Group’s CEO Daniel Newman, Making Markets is a look into what’s happening in technology, ranging from interviews with technology leaders to a recap of tech earnings, news, trends, and more.

As businesses strive to innovate faster than ever before — and more securely — on thing is certain: infrastructure matters. Hosted by Steven Dickens, Camberley Bates, and Krista Macomber, Infrastructure Matters explores the latest developments in hybrid cloud computing and the technology that underpins it.

Regularly hosted by Ron Westfall, The 5G Factor covers the latest news in communications networks to help you navigate the landscape of mobile and cloud technologies, edge networking, data networking, CSP networks, orchestration, and more.