Semiconductors and Components

At The Futurum Group, we collaborate with equipment makers, fabless designers, foundries, and integrated device manufacturers, spanning the entire semiconductor industry. Our data, research, and insights provide a deep understanding of technological fit, market dynamics, and competitive advantages, untangling this turbulent market. With our expertise, customers can strategically position their products, solutions, and technologies.

As a trusted advisor, and with one of the most cited semiconductor analysts, we have privileged access to top semiconductor CEOs and are sought after by policymakers and media for our expertise. We empower customers to make informed decisions, swiftly bring products to market with a unique edge, and drive sales.

Semiconductor manufacturers rely on us for positioning, message testing, go-to-market assets, lead generation, and more. OEMs turn to us to navigate market complexities and chart a path to distinctive success by leveraging semiconductor technology and their own unique platform value. End customers utilize our insights and market intelligence to plan long-term technology strategies.


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The Latest Insights on Semiconductors and Components

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Semtech’s Sequential Growth Earnings Point to Recovery, but Inventory Bloat Offsets Semiconductor Gains With a Drag on Hardware
Olivier Blanchard, Research Director at The Futurum Group, shares insights on Semtech Q2 FY 2024 earnings, which point to recovery in high-margin semiconductors and IoT segments despite inventory bloat continuing to drag on module and router revenue.

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