Research Type: Research Report

The Futurum Group’s latest Research Report, Overcoming Data Protection Fragmentation for Cyber-Resiliency, completed in partnership with Commvault, unveils the findings of a survey of 205 C-suite, VP, and Director-level IT operations and security professionals regarding issues with data protection complexity and sprawl and the resulting direct impact on the ability to withstand cyberattacks.
Our latest Research Report, Unlocking Value with AI: Opportunities for Retailers in 2024, completed in partnership with Microsoft, covers retailer and consumer perceptions of how and where AI should be deployed, the challenges faced by retailers to deploy AI, and an assessment of the current progress of AI implementations within the retail industry.
In our latest Research Brief, Accelerating Integration Modernization with Composable Development, completed in partnership with, we cover the factors that contribute to a fragmented and constrained technology stack and development environment, the development approach that delivers results and value quickly and efficiently, and the markers of a technology development framework that prioritizes continuous improvement and the integration of AI and automation.
In our latest research brief, 5G Connected Devices: Superior Security for the Globally Dispersed Workforce, done in partnership with T-Mobile for Business, we analyze the technological advancements and the changing dynamics of the modern workplace that significantly broaden the cyberattack surface.
In our latest report, Retailers Prioritize Resiliency in Physical and Digital Stores to Protect and Grow Businesses — done in partnership with Microsoft— we examine the possible ties between the use of retail technology and perceptions of resiliency, both today and in the future.
In our latest report, 2022 B2B Digital Buyers’ Journey: Forces Shaping the Future of Enterprise Procurement, we once again partnered with SAP, building on the prior survey, understand the forces that have shaped both the demand for, and the process of, enterprise software procurement.