Author: Shelly Kramer

The Futurum Group’s principal analyst Shelly Kramer takes a look at the recent Google Cloud’s announcement of two new generative AI tools for drug discovery and precision medicine with the goals of improving healthcare outcomes and driving innovation in the field.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer covers news out of Dell Technologies World this week of Dell’s launch of its new Dell NativeEdge operations software platform and several other additions to Dell’s edge portfolio. Dell’s NativeEdge solution is designed to help companies simplify, secure, optimize, and automate their edge infrastructure deployments and helping to streamline edge operations across thousands of devices and locations from the edge to their core data centers and multiple clouds.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer explores the announcement out of Dell Technologies World of Dell and NVIDIA partnering to launch Project Helix, a new generative AI initiative designed to help organizations quickly build and deploy on-prem generative AI applications securely.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer covers news out of Dell Technologies World of the announcement of Project Fort Zero, designed to help organizations facilitate and expedite Zero Trust adoption in order to protect against cyberattacks. This is the latest in a series of Dell’s Zero Trust networking products and services and is expected to be validated by the Department of Defense (DoD) and available to public and private sector organizations within the next 12 months.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer explores Honeywell’s launch of Honeywell Forge for Buildings, offering enhanced features in the Carbon and Energy Management designed to help customers with easier building management to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer and Camberley Bates collaborate to review the most recent announcement of the Dell APEX platform advancements to empower customers to manage the complexities of multicloud environments and streamline IT operations. The intent here is clear: delivering simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and cost-containment/control measures for customers, which is a win all the way around.
The Futurum Group's Chief Evangelist Shelly Kramer examines what the rollout of iMessage on Windows 11 will mean for iPhone users who use Microsoft desktops or laptops. This is significant allowing users to use iMessage features on their PC.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer reviews the recent announcement by SAP introducing generative AI into its cloud platform. The new tools are introduced as SAP Business AI, which is aimed to leverage AI to assist customers in various aspects of the sales and customer management process in some pretty exciting ways.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer covers news from the SAP Sapphire event this week in Orlando of SAP’s collaboration with Microsoft to integrate generative AI with its SAP SuccessFactors solution for talent management and development, intended to address the challenges of the talent gap and learning management.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer covers news of ServiceNow’s impending acquisition of G2K, what this means for the retail industry and customers’ ability to better deliver for customers, and what’s ahead beyond retail.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer explores WalkMe Discovery. WalkMe’s latest digital technology is designed to provide real-time visibility into a company’s technology stack, helping identify what software is deployed and what’s happening with user adoption, but most importantly, WalkMe Discovery is designed to help organizations optimize and maximize their software investments, which is top of mind for many these days.
The Futurum Group’s Shelly Kramer explores Cisco’s recent announcement of its new Cisco Capital Business Acceleration Program being offered through Cisco Capital embracing Buy Now, Pay Later financing. Designed to help customers make tech investments, deferring payments until January 2024 — but will it fly?