Category: Digital Transformation

Cisco Q3 Results Show Progress in Portfolio Synergies Across Networking, Security, Observability, and Data with the Splunk Addition Positioned to Spur More Growth
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Daniel Newman examine Cisco’s Q3 FY 2024 results and why Cisco’s progress with the integration of Splunk and the harnessing of portfolio synergies provides a positive framework for the company.
In our latest research brief, How Manufacturing Organizations Drive Business Impact from Digital Transformation, which is authored by The Futurum Group in collaboration with SAP, we address the challenges affecting manufacturing organizations that are trying to enact digital transformation plans, the transformation strategies that are driving change within manufacturing organizations, and the value of implementing a cloud-based, enterprise-grade business platform such as SAP’s S4/HANA Cloud and Business Technology Platform.
In this eBook, Enhancing Employee Experience with Logitech's AI-Enabled Features, we explore how Logitech leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transform conference cameras into intelligent devices to improve meeting experiences, focusing on improving participant equity, engagement, and overall audiovisual experience.
Cradlepoint’s New NetCloud SASE Solution Swiftly Scales Zero-Trust Networks Fulfilling Growing Market Demand for Streamlined Network Solutions
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why the new Cradlepoint NetCloud SASE solution provides the integration of security, SD-WAN, and cellular connectivity key to meeting the top security demands of organizations.
WalkMe’s New AI Tools Advance the State-of-the-Art for Automating Business Processes
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor discusses how WalkMe is using AI to improve user productivity and efficiency by automating processes across essential business software tools and platforms.
GlobalFoundries Q1 2024 Delivered Beats on Top and Bottom Results Gaining Momentum from Mobility Recovery and GenAI-Fueled Power Management Demand
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Daniel Newman examine GlobalFoundries’ solid Q1 2024 results due to funding from the US Department of Commerce and New York State that enables the company to expand and build new manufacturing capacity.
Strong Automotive Growth Ahead of Snapdragon X PC Launches
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard share their insights into Qualcomm’s Q2 2024 earnings and discuss why steady growth, measured pace, and lean execution may set the stage for Qualcomm’s next growth cycle.
Oracle Databases 23ai Unleashes Breakthrough Enterprise AI Capabilities Across AI Vector Search, App Dev Acceleration, and Mission-Critical Data Domains
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Steven Dickens examine why Oracle's comprehensive suite of enhancements in Oracle Database 23ai positions it uniquely in the marketplace.
In our latest offering, Market Insight Report: AI RAN, focuses on the nascent AI RAN market, sharpening the definition of the category’s addressable market and market sizing data specific to the AI RAN market segment as it evolves.
In our latest deliverable, Market Insight Report: Industrial IoT Platform 2024 assesses the state of the IIoT platform market in 2024 and the integral role IIoT solutions play in enabling organizations to improve operational efficiency and business outcomes by ensuring granular and detailed data in real-time.
In our latest research brief, Prioritizing EX and CX Via Digital Transformation and AI, done in partnership with GoTo, we explore the value proposition of such a transformation, the challenges faced by mid-market and SMBs, best practices for modernization initiatives, and the key considerations when selecting vendors to enable successful digital transformations of contact centers.