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The Research Brief, Achieving Mainframe Resilience by Combining System Monitoring and Observability, highlights key findings surrounding the modernization efforts within the mainframe ecosystem.
The Futurum Group’s latest Research Brief, How System Monitoring and Observability Drive Mainframe Resilience, completed in partnership with BMC, provides valuable insights into the challenges and strategies surrounding modern mainframe management.
The Futurum Group’s latest research report, Uplifting Mainframe Operations: IBM Z IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Transforms Performance Analytics for IBM Z, completed in partnership with IBM, delves deep into how the merger with IntelliMagic enhances IBM's offerings.
Gary Thornhill, Founder and CEO at PopUp Mainframe, joins Steven Dickens to share his insights on enabling DevOps in mainframe environments and the journey towards mainframe modernization.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens explores how Kyndryl's latest AI-driven services provide the expertise and tools necessary to transform and optimize mainframe operations, ensuring enhanced agility and resilience.
Learn more about the ever-changing mainframe talent acquisition, skill development, and industry trends in our upcoming Research Report. Explore the complex talent flow funnel to learn about the interests and capabilities of students who are specializing in mainframes.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens is joined by Scott Fagen, President of SHARE to continue their conversation on SHARE’s membership program and the importance of SHARE’s online portal and learning management system.
The Futurum Group’s latest research report, DORA Compliance and Resiliency for the Mainframe: Proactive Strategies for Operational Continuity, completed in partnership with BMC Software, delves into the intricacies of operational resilience within the context of DORA. It examines the impact of DORA regulations on mainframe operations and provides proactive strategies for organizations to achieve compliance while maintaining operational continuity.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters, hosts Camberley Bates, Steven Dickens and Krista Macomber share their Mainframe perspectives, along with insights on the latest announcements from NetApp and SK Hynix.
Broadcom’s WatchTower Platform Promises the Evolution of Mainframe Observability
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on how Broadcom is transforming observability in the mainframe ecosystem with open telemetry.
The Futurum Group’s latest research brief, Future-Proof Your Linux on Z and LinuxONE Infrastructure with Velocity Software: Insights into Performance Management and Modernization, we explore the benefits of advanced management tools tailored to enhance operational efficiency, system reliability, and overall performance.
The Futurum Group’s latest research brief, Integrating Cloud and Mainframe: Rocket Software's Vision for Data-Driven Futures, done in partnership with Rocket Software, we talk through digital transformation and cloud integration.