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Steven Dickens and Paul Nashawaty at The Futurum Group highlight the strategic significance of Cisco's acquisition of Splunk, emphasizing the seamless integration of AI-enhanced tools to bolster cybersecurity and observability. They note that this collaboration is set to revolutionize IT operations by providing comprehensive insights and improving digital resilience.
Camberley Bates and Steven Dickens, Practice Leaders at The Futurum Group, highlight Broadcom’s unwavering commitment to customer value through innovative programs and strategic initiatives. They emphasize how Broadcom seamlessly integrates business objectives with customer benefits, showcasing their dedication to delivering tangible results and fostering long-term partnerships.
In a recent exchange, Paul Nashawaty discussed with Alastair Cooke the dynamics and Intersection of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SREs.
In a recent exchange, Paul Nashawaty discussed with Eric Herzog, CMO at Infinidat, the future of enterprise storage, cyber storage resilience, and hybrid multi-cloud storage.
In this episode of DevOps Dialogues, Paul Nashawaty engaged in a discussion with Dr. Bob Sutor exploring the dynamics and impacts of quantum computing on AI, DevOps and application development.
In this episode, Paul Nashawaty engaged in a discussion with Martin Mao, CEO of Chronosphere exploring the dynamics of the partnership with CrowdStrike and the recent acquisition of Calyptia.
The Futurum Group’s Dr. Bob Sutor looks at five generative AI Python code generators to see how well they follow instructions and whether their outputs check for errors and are functionally complete.
Paul Nashawaty discusses AI's impact on DevOps, including GenAI, with Stephen Foskett and Keith Townsend. They delve into AI's role in DevOps efficiency, addressing transparency, bias, and collaboration.
In a recent exchange, Paul Nashawaty engaged in a discussion with Kit Merker, CEO of Plainsight, exploring the dynamics of the Computer Vision market.
KubeCon and the Vendors Lay Out Strategies for Driving AI
Camberley Bates, Vice President at The Futurum Group, covers the key themes from KubeCon Europe on AI, platform engineering, and the role of CNCF.
Highlights from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 and Anticipating the Road Ahead
The Futurum Group's Camberley Bates, Paul Nashawaty, Steven Dickens, and Sam Holschuh recently attended Kubecon Paris 2024 and share their insights on the news and highlights from the event.
In a recent exchange, Paul Nashawaty engaged in a discussion with Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Co-founder and CEO of DataCebo to discuss access to synthetic data for generative AI models.