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SAP has made its intention to spin-off its experience management platform, Qualtrics, official by filling its IPO paperwork with the SEC.
This week Oracle CX Summit brought an inside look at the company's approach to delivering a full stack for CX from infrastructure to apps.
With the Oracle Digital Experience for Communications debut, Oracle is addressing the CSP top priority of driving and winning the CX battle across the digital ecosystem. This includes ensuring CSPs engage their customers through their preferred interaction channels, personalizing digital experiences and injecting agility into B2B2X engagements. The new solution is fully differentiated by the blending of OCI capabilities and Oracle telco software knowledge. Oracle meets CSP integration demands in hybrid cloud environments through support of TM Forum’s ODA and Open API initiatives, potentially accelerating CSP adoption and spurring CX innovation and digital ecosystem influence.
During this week's Oracle Live, the company announced a series of updates to its Unity CDP to improve how companies manage and utilize data.
In this new episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast – Interview Series, Futurum co-founder Daniel Newman talks with SAP’s Sonny Dasgupta about the future of customer experience and what enterprises will need to do to deliver personalized experiences in order to nurture customer relationships and build brand loyalty.
As we continue to deal with the pandemic, companies have to continue to deliver great customer experience. This starts by utilizing data and tools that eliminate friction and keep customers satisfied and connected to brands. Here are 4 metrics brands should keep their eyes on.
SAP has announced a plan to sell of its recent $8 Billion acquisition, Qualtrics. What does this mean for SAP going forward?
IBM and Adobe have partnered to deliver customer experience and data management in the cloud for regulated industries. Diving into the partnership objectives.
BMW car subscription updates spark the conversation whether consumers are willing to pay for additional features after purchase. Known for its controversy in subscription service, the auto manufacturer argues that this benefits current and future owners.
ADTRAN should contemplate recruiting broader telco support for the cable-dominated Plume initiative to further strengthen its Mosaic portfolio, reassuring a wider swath of telcos of Plume’s long-term viability in powering their own customer experience innovations in telco environments throughout the COVID-19 and 5G epoch.
Exploring 4 key data points that CX and Business executives can leverage in driving their 2020 strategies.