Research Type: Market Insight Report

Our latest report, Market Insight Report: VMware Under Broadcom's Ownership, delves into the strategic direction under CEO Hock Tan, key announcements across VMware's product suite, and provides recommendations and a forward-looking perspective on VMware's journey under Broadcom's stewardship.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: Google Innovates in Generative AI with Focus on IaaS to Foster Growth, examines these latest blogs on the infrastructure level, emphasizing the strategic investments and innovations initiated as far back as 2013 that have positioned Google to efficiently manage AI workloads.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: Retail-Focused Enterprise Applications, identifies and analyzes the key trends impacting enterprise-grade retail industry-focused applications, reviews the key functions and features that are being integrated or incorporated within these applications, and identifies influential vendors operating within the market.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: Group Video Conferencing Endpoints Q3 2023, details the worldwide Group Video Conferencing (GVC) of meeting room endpoint systems.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: 5G Monetization in 2024, assesses why 5G monetization is gaining momentum as CSPs accelerate deployment of 5G standalone networks and emerging 5G services and use cases are ready to produce significant 5G monetization outcomes.
Our latest brief, Market Insight Report: 9 Key Technology Sector Trends That Will Impact the Device, Automotive, and Semiconductor Segments in 2024, analyzes the devices, semiconductors, automotive, and the policy and regulatory spaces, and explores how 2024 promises to be a significant year for the technology sector.
Our latest brief, Market Insight Report: Digital BSS, analyzes the digital BSS market and explores how digital BSS solutions and services are key to transforming business practices and improving business outcomes.
In our latest brief, Market Insight Report: Electric Vehicle Market, we analyze the rapid growth, technological innovation, and competitive landscape in the EV market.
In our latest offering, Market Insight Report: SaaS-Based Generative AI Pricing Trends, we detail the current state of enterprise-focused SaaS platform pricing, discuss how generative AI features are being delivered and priced, and discuss the value of shifting to a consumption-based model.
In our latest report, Market Insight Report: Hybrid Cloud Compute Q4 2023, we analyze how infrastructure vendors and hyperscalers are tailoring their products and services to hybrid clouds, as well as the major trends we are seeing around repatriation, cost optimization, and generative AI.
In our latest report, Market Insight Report: Ransomware Detection and Scanning, we analyze why companies are overwhelmingly investing in scanning and detection capabilities.
In our latest report, Market Insight Report: Breaking Down Generic versus Specialized ERP Software, we provide a comparison of generic ERP software versus specialized solutions, detail factors that should be considered when evaluating an ERP solution and provide a representative sample of several specific ERP vendors’ solutions, describing their target customers, features, and positioning.