CX Wins With Algolia, RingCentral, and WalkMe

Partnerships Benefit Revival Animal Health, NFP, and NEC

CX Wins With Algolia, RingCentral, and WalkMe

Algolia Boosts Revenue Conversion at Revival Animal Health

Algolia, provider of a proprietary AI-powered search engine platform and headquartered in San Francisco, says its selection by Revival Animal Health is helping the national pet health supply company improve revenue conversion and drive greater customer engagement.

Following the implementation of Algolia’s search-and-discovery platform and integration with the e-commerce platform of BigCommerce, Revival Animal Health reported a 12% improvement in converting searches along with related website traffic and leads to revenue. Equally important, according to Revival executives, Algolia helped boost the CX for the pet professionals and owners who make up Revival’s customer base, enabling them to easily find the supplies and knowledge they need to keep pets and animals healthy.

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Algolia is the creator of NeuralSearch, a full-text keyword search engine with vector understanding that uses large language models (LLMs)—the same technology underpinning generative AI and ChatGPT—to understand customer intent and improve relevance in search queries.

“We deployed Algolia amid a tough economic downturn and rising inflation, and amazingly, were still able to generate a dramatic uptick in conversions shortly after implementation,” says Joel Harrington, senior director of demand and customer experience at Iowa-based Revival Animal Health.

Harrington reveals that Revival is especially pleased with the increase it saw in customer engagement and loyalty, together with an enhanced ability in its systems to recognize the unique preferences of customers. “Importantly, we help our customers find the most relevant items for their pets quickly. Algolia’s AI-powered approach to search is noticeably helping our customers intuitively discover items with blazing fast speed,” Harrington adds.

Algolia currently powers the site search for Revival Animal Health’s product catalog and learning center, using AI-based typo tolerance and rules features to free the Revival team of hours of fine-tuning searches. AI synonyms, facets, and filters are also improving the company’s product placement, reducing developer time on rules configuration and applications while futureproofing its search and headless commerce investments.

Piyush Patel, chief strategic business development officer at Algolia, says the company is excited to be part of Revival’s success. “Revival Animal Health’s mission is to empower pet owners to help their four-legged friends; and our goal is to help them achieve that mission much more seamlessly. We look forward to helping [Revival] convert every digital interaction into a more fulfilling engagement, increased loyalty, incremental revenue, and ultimately happier pet lovers.”

RingCentral Teams up With Insurance and Financial Broker NFP

Enterprise communications provider RingCentral announced recently that it has been chosen by leading insurance broker and financial services consulting firm NFP to power engagement efforts with its customers and employees.

Working closely with John Alexander Consulting (JAC), a carrier and cloud-neutral consulting firm, NFP conducted a search for a secure and integrated communications solution that would enable greater mobility for employees and a best-in-class experience for customers.

With the selection of RingCentral, New York City-based NFP has now migrated more than 8,000 employees to RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (MVP) solution from across the US, Canada, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), as well as more than 600 agents to RingCentral’s Contact Center Platform.

RingCentral’s advanced cloud telephony capabilities, integration with Microsoft Teams, and 99.999% uptime were key deciding factors in its solutions being selected by NFP. A major property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor, NFP is the seventh largest privately owned broker, fifth largest benefits broker by global revenue, and thirteenth largest broker of US business, according to rankings by news and information source Business Insurance.

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“RingCentral solutions have played a critical role in our digital transformation, enabling us to achieve frictionless growth with higher productivity,” said Mark Grosvenor, chief technology officer at NFP. “We chose RingCentral because it provides the best integrated telephony solutions, innovative AI tools, and market-leading analytics—all in a secure environment. Most importantly, communications with our clients are now second to none—there hasn’t been any downtime.”

An early adopter of hosted voice and collaboration at the enterprise level, NFP runs a sophisticated high-tech environment. The company says it is committed to remaining at the forefront of exceptional technology experiences for employees and customers alike. Using RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Contact Center, NFP hopes to improve service delivery to exceed customer needs while adhering to stringent compliance requirements for client data management, RingCentral officials affirm.

Carson Hostetter, chief revenue office at RingCentral, calls NFP a true trailblazer. “We are excited to be part of NFP’s digital transformation journey,” Hostetter said. “By moving to RingCentral, NFP is driving greater operational efficiencies and overall stakeholder engagement, optimizing for impactful business outcomes.”

WalkMe Supports NEC in Accelerating Digital Transformation Initiatives

WalkMe, the San Francisco-based provider of a digital adoption platform, is helping Japanese multinational electronics corporation NEC streamline business operations and improve employee experience (EX). Both goals are part of NEC’s overall commitment to accelerate digital transformation throughout the organization to deliver greater value to its customers and build a more employee-friendly work environment, according to WalkMe officials.

To streamline its business systems, NEC implemented WalkMe to establish more effective use by the organization of SAP Ariba and Salesforce, both of which required more proficiency in operation, as NEC embarked on digital transformation. With WalkMe, SAP Ariba and Salesforce users at NEC received operational navigation and guidance, enabling them to operate the twin solutions without the need to read manuals or sit through training sessions, as WalkMe automatically assisted with a portion of user operations.

WalkMe also helped NEC employees use the SAP and Salesforce solutions more proficiently. Prior to WalkMe, approximately 10% of NEC’s application processes on SAP Ariba and Salesforce resulted in end-user inquiries to the support staff. Additionally, more than 20% of all application submissions had to be sent back to end-users because of various errors, such as unchecked required items or missing attachments. Following the implementation of WalkMe, however, NEC recorded distinct improvements: The number of inquiries requiring staff support decreased by 75%, and the number of applications that needed to be sent back declined by approximately 70% in a specific application operation.

Noriaki Seki, NEC corporate director of digital transformation, attributes the improvements to the organization’s deployment of WalkMe. “Our comprehensive digital transformation goals are a key priority for NEC, and we consider WalkMe as an important part of our digital transformation process,” says Seki. “Enterprises simply cannot overlook the importance of the change management that comes with digital transformation, especially when it comes to employee experience. If employees cannot effectively utilize the technology provided to them, return on investment will not be realized.”

Scott Little, WalkMe chief revenue officer, says many enterprises struggle when new technologies are implemented without an effective change management strategy for employees. “The by-product is something we refer to as ‘Software Paralysis,’ which is when efficiency and productivity slows or stops because employees cannot absorb or are overwhelmed with the on-ramping of new technologies as well as keeping up with ongoing product updates.”

NEC says that moving forward, the company intends to analyze its use of approximately 1,000 internal systems, and it will consider applying WalkMe to areas where operational challenges can be resolved for the organization to achieve greater effectiveness.

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