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Partners Include NASCAR, The RealReal, Capital Bank, MMC, and Hopebridge

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ServiceNow to Transform NASCAR EX to a Productive and Engaged Workforce

ServiceNow is teaming up with NASCAR on a two-pronged mission to transform the auto racing company’s employee experience and to keep workers productive and engaged.

For the mission’s first undertaking, NASCAR—the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing—will leverage ServiceNow’s Employee Center to convert legacy manual processes for employee service requests from HR, IT, and other departments into simple, digital workflows. Through the Employee Center, a portal that lets users in an organization request services from anywhere, ServiceNow aims to modernize NASCAR’s EX and streamline processes, freeing up employees’ time for them to serve fans.

For the second part of the mission, NASCAR will implement App Engine, ServiceNow’s low-code solution, to let non-technical NASCAR employees create consumer-grade apps that help solve challenges unique to their goals and to the industry.

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Gretchen Alarcon, ServiceNow senior vice president and general manager for employee workflows, says the company is helping NASCAR unlock employee productivity and potential at scale. “We’re delivering personalized service, support, and communications to NASCAR employees so they can focus on delivering incredible experiences to fans,” Alarcon remarks. “Together, ServiceNow and NASCAR aim to set a new standard for sports organizations and redefining the employee experience.”

NASCAR will implement ServiceNow Employee Center and App Engine during the May 2023 timeframe to begin consolidating and streamlining its various processes around race day production to help save time and resources. NASCAR also plans to launch an enterprise-wide citizen developer program to develop, govern, and deploy applications, empowering employees to build the tools they need to be successful and productive.

With the partnership, ServiceNow joins the NASCAR Technology Partner Platform, a program that connects tech leaders from around the globe in a collaborative and fast-paced environment, serving as an incubator for new ideas and efficiencies.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow is the provider of a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks. NASCAR is the auto racing sanctioning and operating company best known for staging stock car racing. Formed in 1948, NASCAR is the largest US racing organization today, and NASCAR racing has grown to become one of the most popular professional sports in the world, with NASCAR races broadcast to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Salesforce Helps The RealReal Create Luxury Resale Experience

Salesforce is helping The RealReal, the world’s largest online marketplace for the resale of luxury goods, to optimize and streamline the overall consignor and shopper journey with Salesforce technology, creating a fully personalized, intuitive digital selling and shopping experience.

Founded in 2011, The RealReal has enjoyed explosive growth, resulting in 13 brick-and-mortar locations and an expansive customer base of more than 31 million members. The brand set out to revolutionize how people engage with resale, and with the help of Salesforce, has made it easier and more accessible to buy and sell secondhand luxury.

“The resale landscape is always shifting, and the way people engage with consignment has changed dramatically even in just the past few years,” explains Orr Shakked, chief marketing officer at The RealReal. “With the help of Salesforce’s suite of capabilities, we’ve been able to truly customize the seller experience by curating a more personal and integrated service.”

Salesforce technology is also behind the online luxury seller’s new RealService model, which uses Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to ensure a personalized and approachable CX, with plenty of options to connect with the brand.

Oracle Implements Customer Solution at Capital Bank

Oracle was the choice of Capital Bank, the Maryland-based financial institution offering both business and consumer banking services in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, when the bank sought a solution for a seamless and personalized CX.

The solution, Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, consists of Oracle Cloud CX technologies and several modules covering retail and corporate banking, including Oracle Fusion Sales, Oracle Fusion Service, Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Intelligent Advisor, Oracle Knowledge Management, and Oracle Content Management.

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Deploying the solution will give Capital Bank a 360-degree view of customer information and interactions, enabling the bank to build a personalized relationship with customers and offer financial products and services that best suit their needs. With the integrated Cloud solution, Capital Bank can automate the process of identifying, developing, and creating referrals for cross-selling products across any channel.

“With this implementation, Capital Bank can enjoy the benefits of connecting data and content within a modern UX environment,” says Leopoldo Boado lama, Oracle’s senior vice president for business applications. “Implementing the Oracle solution will also enable Capital Bank to streamline its sales and services processes and boost productivity, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.”

RingCentral Improves CX and Employee Workflows at MMC

When human resources outsourcing company MMC, Inc. needed to replace its on-premise legacy communications systems, it sought a cloud solution that not only provided greater mobility for employees but also allowed them to connect and communicate with clients more efficiently.

Enter RingCentral, the Belmont, California-based provider of business cloud communications and contact center solutions. RingCentral’s MVP—or Message Video Phone— enabled MMC employees to increase productivity and efficiency through the use of a cloud-based business phone service, video conferencing, digital fax, and SMS, accessible from any device and location. With the RingCentral system, MMC says it successfully streamlined employee workflows, increased accessibility to clients, and empowered remote workers. And after migrating 3,000 of its employees to RingCentral MVP, MMC saw substantial savings on business communications costs as well.

For its next phase, MMC’s IT team plans to roll out RingCentral MVP to the company’s sales and support teams, optimizing operations with the RingCentral for Salesforce integration. The integration will enable MMC to consolidate platforms for the company’s agents, reduce the number of vendor relationships to be managed, and streamline agent workflows for added speed and efficiency.

InMoment and Hopebridge Work Together to Increase Autism Patient Outcomes

InMoment, the CX firm and experience improvement (XI) facilitator, is joining forces with Hopebridge, a leading provider of autism therapy in the US, to implement a robust clinician and patient caregiver experience improvement and satisfaction program, known as Hopebridge Cares.

Hopebridge Cares leads the autism healthcare field in surfacing and acting on satisfaction insights throughout the entire journey for caregivers of patients enrolled in therapy, along with the board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA), behavior therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and support administrative staff working with them.

The autism therapy provider’s continual improvement program triggers feedback requests throughout the patient lifecycle to directly understand patient caregiver and clinician satisfaction. By listening and taking action on the insights from the program, Hopebridge has achieved an overall satisfaction (OSAT) score of 90, which exceeds the benchmark for healthcare of 79. The program also includes always-on listening to hear the Voice of the Employee (VoE) to measure employee engagement and retention, and to ensure the staff is satisfied no matter regardless of their place in the employee journey.

Mehul Nagrani, managing director of North America at InMoment, says the company is honored to be joining Hopebridge in delivering best-in-class healthcare services. “Hopebridge is focused on making an impact in the lives of children, families, and communities touched by autism. We are thrilled to partner with them in providing an integrated solution that combines innovative technology, and patient and employee experience expertise to further their mission.”

Chris Sutton, chief marketing officer at Hopebridge, affirms his team’s commitment to the continual advancement of the science behind autism therapy. “At Hopebridge, we know that great care comes from a great understanding of our patients and employees’ needs. That starts with active listening,” Sutton remarks. “Working with InMoment has given us the opportunity to improve our feedback loops, which in turn allows us to make informed, proactive decisions to consistently improve our patient care, patient outcomes, and staff experience.”

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