Research Type: Research Brief

In our latest Research Brief, Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks for Finance and Treasury Teams, completed in partnership with Trustpair, we cover the key threats facing finance and treasury teams, highlight specific examples of successful cyberattacks, and discuss the specific approaches organizations should take to provide an additional layer of defense that mitigates financial loss.
In our latest research brief, Operationalizing Generative AI: Making It Your Own, Creating Corporate Value, done in partnership with HPE, we analyze the HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, which provide a cloud operating model, trusted security by design, and performance optimized for specific workloads.
In our latest research brief, How Mainframe Modernization Begins With Application Modernization, done in partnership with OpenText, we analyze how the company’s application modernization software platforms can help busy enterprises make these changes and improvements in their own IT infrastructures.
In our latest research brief, SUSE and IBM Infrastructure Empowering Your Hybrid Cloud Journey — done in partnership with SUSE — we explore how IBM and SUSE have collaborated to drive value for clients across the whole stack.
In our latest research brief, Breaking Down the Myths on Broadcom-VMWare — done in partnership with Broadcom — we explore some of the synergies and potential pitfalls as Broadcom and VMware navigate the acquisition, as well as shed light on some of the myths surrounding the same.
In our latest research brief, The Integration of AI and ML into Financial Management Systems Offers Substantial Benefits to Technology Companies, done in partnership with Workday, we analyze the current approach to modernization and the challenges facing enterprises in today’s climate of fast-paced disruption, economic turbulence and labor challenges.
In our latest research brief, Using Technology to Stay Ahead of Advanced Air Mobility Developments, published in partnership with IFS, The Futurum Group's Todd R. Weiss analyzes the changing market, from traditional jet-engine-powered aircraft of today to proof-of-concept aircraft designs and aviation propulsion systems of tomorrow.
In our latest research brief, IBM’s Opportunity for Generative AI in the Enterprise, done in partnership with IBM, we analyze IBM’s approach to generative AI and foundation models, including key IBM differentiators, such as its full technology stack – inclusive of models and model management, data store and governance tools – that enables businesses to seamlessly implement and scale generative AI throughout their organizations’ workflows, regardless of cloud environment.
In our latest research brief, Delivering Digital Transformation to Accounts Payable Teams, done in partnership with Tipalti, Todd R. Weiss analyzes the AP and finance environment and the obstacles surrounding the growing need for efficient, yet deeply integrated solutions to re-energize their AP departments and financial operations.
In this research brief, which was done in partnership with NeuroBlade, Senior Analyst Ron Westfall explores the current data analytics environment and the obstacles surrounding the growing need for efficient and cost-effective solutions to these issues.
In our latest research brief, Tapping into the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot Across the Organization — done in partnership with Microsoft — Futurum chief analyst Daniel Newman analyzes how the benefits new technologies, such as Generative AI, improve both customer experience, and the employee experience for those in marketing, sales and customer service roles.
In our latest research brief, How Model9 Helps Mainframe Users Revitalize Data — done in partnership with Model9 — Futurum analysts Steven Dickens and Todd R. Weiss look at how today’s businesses can benefit from Model9’s cloud-native object storage and do more with their own data.