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New EX Products & Enhancements: Benevity, Motivosity, Submittable, Others

ERGs, Analytics, Volunteering, and Employee Recognition Are Focus Areas

New employee experience products

The employee experience (EX) technology ecosystem encompasses not just the solutions meant to measure engagement, but also those that contribute to the day to day and overall positive (or negative) feeling employees develop toward employers.

June saw several new EX-related product launches from companies in various technology areas and from vendors located not just in North America, the largest market, but also in the more nascent markets of the Middle East and Australia.

Benevity introduces Benevity Affinity Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a company offering that is gaining traction as organizations look for ways to spur connection and a sense of belonging as much of the workforce remains in a hybrid pattern. Benevity Inc., a provider of global corporate purpose software, has released Benevity Affinity Groups, an inclusion product that helps companies grow, manage, and track their employee resource groups (ERGs) and other affinity group programs. The company has integrated the offering with Spark, Benevity’s employee engagement platform.

For employees, Benevity Affinity Groups offers the following benefits:

  • A digital space where employees can find, join, create, manage, and participate in employee resource and affinity groups
  • A single place where they can take part in events, discussions, and donation and volunteering
  • Easy and engaging access to news updates from groups across the company, encouraging discussion and connection

For leaders tasked with managing ERG and affinity groups, the system allows for membership and participation monitoring and decentralize work by allowing groups more ability to publish and manage their own content.

According to Benevity CEO, Kelly Schmitt, “Today’s employees want to work in inclusive workplaces that allow them to live their values, and to grow both personally and professionally. More and more, companies are focusing on helping people become their best selves through greater investments in opportunities for social impact, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We believe ERGs are at the heart of these corporate culture initiatives and employee experiences, and our newest inclusion product, Benevity Affinity Groups, will help companies scale their efforts to create truly inclusive and impact-driven cultures.”

Call Journey Introduces Employee Experience Analytics Tool

Call Journey, a provider of omnichannel Conversation Analytics as a service, announced an expansion of its solution via the introduction of employee experience analytics tool, Worklife Hero. Worklife Hero is a virtual meeting companion tool that focuses on measuring and analyzing meetings, gathering insights on factors such as DEI, psychological safety, soft skills, and employee well-being.

“Employee health and well-being have fast become one of the key priorities of organisations across the world” says Paul Humphrey, Call Journey CEO. “DEI, mental health and company culture are focal points of the C-Suite and of HR leaders. We are proud to be able to leverage our vast experience in helping organisations understand the true lived experience of their customers, to now helping them understand the true lived experience of their employees. We want to make a genuine, positive impact on the ‘work life’ of people everywhere.”

The insights created via the tool are available in real-time, contributing to a continuous feedback loop. Employees can access personalized information on their own dashboards. Any individual information can then be anonymized, collected, and delivered to leaders to tease out trends and areas to focus on.

IQor Revamps Mobile App Design

In a nod to the increasing amount of data tying CX to EM, outsourced CX provider iQor is making it easier for its employees to access information and development opportunities via its improved mobile app.

“We are a trusted partner to many of the world’s top brands, committed to creating a rewarding employee experience for our 35,000+ employees worldwide,” says iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik. “Our mobile app experience enables employees to access the information they need with ease and to promote connections throughout iQor.”

Employees will be able to access news, trainings, policies, surveys, notifications, and personal and team information via the app. Supervisors will also be able to oversee coaching activities from anywhere, speeding up the feedback loop.

Motivosity launches new UI

Motivosity, an employee recognition and feedback software company, has revamped the user interface on its mobile app that launched in March 2022. The app allows employees to recognize peers via an easily navigable and visually attractive design.

Changes will be first rolled out in Motivosity’s Connect and Recognize products. However, the new UI will also be found in the Listen and Lead products, two solutions that help managers keep track of eNPS, team sentiment, and one-on-one data.

Semos Cloud’s New Feature allows for Colleague Appreciation in Microsoft Teams

HR technology provider Semos Cloud, launched a new AI-conversational chatbot feature that is part of JobPts, its culture and appreciation solution. The new feature allows for employees to show recognition and appreciation via Microsoft Teams chat, providing another channel and making the process fast and easy. Embedded it into the employee’s day to day workflow may help engage employees not previously active in recognition culture.

This feature can be used by both deskless and desktop workers who have access to Microsoft Teams on their phones. According to Semos Cloud CTO Saso Ivanovski, “Most high-performing employees are early adopters of new features, but what about the employees who aren’t so quick and whose contribution equally matters to companies’ success? Promoting equal access sometimes means providing workarounds for various groups. And when the outcome serves more than one function to help our clients – we couldn’t be happier”.

Submittable Enhances Corporate Volunteering Solutions

Submittable, a software provider focusing on helping companies launch, manage, and measure social impact programs, announced an enhancement to its volunteering solution. According to the Submittable, while many organizations offer corporate volunteering, there is low participation. Submittable’s platform aims to make it easy for employees to use, and automates many manual functions for the companies that implement it.

“Employee volunteer programs only succeed through high participation; most fail not through lack of effort and desire, but because it’s difficult to wrangle competing priorities, opportunities and resources,” says Sam Caplan, VP of Social Impact at Submittable. “Technology can eliminate the barriers to make the volunteering process simple, so companies can dramatically scale engagement and reap the benefits in improved morale, retention, recruiting and brand loyalty.”

Features include easy setup and administration, single-click sign-up, and clear tracking for both employees and employer. An added benefit is the ability to sign up with known co-workers, or with colleagues they do not usually work with. ERGs can also create their own volunteer opportunities and recruit additional members.

VIWELL Launches at the HRSE KSA

A new Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based well-being and employee engagement provider was introduced at HRSE KSA, one of the region’s leading HR Summits. VIWELL will offer a unified well-being solution that supports employee well-being through six pillars: emotional, physical, social, financial, nutritional, and professional. Tools included in the platform include real time insights and reports, well-being content, habit builders, rewards and discounts, challenges, and gamification, learning and development, coaching, and push notifications.

VIWELL is initially launching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and UAE, in both Arabic and English languages.

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