New CX Wins with Salesforce, Genesys, 8×8, Sprinklr, and Medallia

Partners Include Aer Lingus, Tonik Bank, Baptist World Aid, DIEZ, and Thesis

New CX Wins with Salesforce, Genesys, 8x8, Sprinklr, and Medallia

Salesforce and Irish Carrier Aer Lingus Take to the Skies Together

Salesforce is teaming up with Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus to transform CX in a journey to growth underpinned by investment in digital transformation. Using the AI-powered technologies of Salesforce, Aer Lingus hopes to respond to customers effectively, and communications shared with customers will become richer and tailored to each passenger, airline officials expressed. Overall, better communications will be delivered to customers based on their individual preferences. For its part, Salesforce will allow Aer Lingus to gain deeper insights into customers and offer a personalized, digital-led experience throughout their travel journey, which supports the airline’s ambitious plans to expand across the North Atlantic.

“We’re delighted to be working with Salesforce as we use their game-changing technology as part of our ongoing digital transformation,” said Susanne Carberry, Aer Lingus chief customer officer. Personalization, Carberry adds, will become an integral part of the service provided by the carrier to ensure customers are getting the kind of care that they expect.

Genesys and All-Digital Bank Tonik Expand Partnership

Genesys, the Silicon Valley software company that sells CX and contact center technology to enterprise firms, is expanding its partnership with Tonik, an all-digital bank launched in the Philippines that is also the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Under the partnership, Tonik will use the Genesys Cloud CX platform to connect with customers across multiple channels, use AI for product inquiries, and improve security and product marketability. Tonik and Genesys also plan to implement voicebot tech from Genesys and unified bots for phones, web chat, mobile messaging, and smart speakers. All told, the partnership will help Tonik expand its loan portfolio for 2024 by creating an all-digital touchpoint process through the lender’s mobile app, according to the online bank.

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“Our values are aligned with Genesys,” said Tomasz Borowski, Tonik group COO. “The Tonik-Genesys partnership will continue to explore more automation opportunities to enable us to deliver exceptional customer and employee experience, and drive efficiencies.”

Tonik previously used Genesys Cloud CX to adjust to a hybrid work setup, giving employees a single platform as well as performance dashboards for training and education. The platform also made it easier for Tonik to automate and scale operations without IT support. Using the Genesys platform has resulted in a 60% decrease in customer wait time along with zero downtime and disruption, Tonik officials state.

8×8 Provides Baptist World Aid With a Unified Customer Engagement Platform

Contact center and cloud communications provider 8×8, Inc. says its experience communications as a service (XCaaS) solution is paving the way for Baptist World Aid, the Christian charity organization based in Australia, to deliver superior communication experiences to donors, employees, and partners in the fight against global poverty. XCaaS is being deployed with 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams and the 8×8 Contact Center.

A nonprofit organization established in 1920 that operates 67 projects in 22 countries, Baptist World Aid focuses on creating solutions to combat global poverty through community development, disaster relief, and advocacy. To help manage its many global locations, employees, and partners, Baptist World Aid had sought an integrated cloud contact center and communications platform capable of supporting not only customer engagement but also employee communications and collaboration to process donations. Furthermore, the chosen platform needed to integrate seamlessly with the charity aid group’s existing Microsoft Teams solution to provide accurate, real-time data and analytics.

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Baptist World Aid executives say the organization chose the 8×8 XCaaS platform for its exceptional call quality, improved quality management and reporting capabilities, and easy integration with Microsoft, enabling employees to provide quality customer support and services across any role and location. The ease of use and product support from Campbell, California-based 8×8 has also allowed Baptist World Aid to focus more on carrying out life-altering projects and goals and less on software maintenance, the group adds.

“It’s important that we’re able to provide high-quality engagement for an outstanding customer and employee experience from the start,” said Eun Bie Lee, support engagement manager at Baptist World Aid. “With 8×8, we’re able to accomplish so much more, regardless of location, and we’re thrilled with the impact it has had on our efforts and the overall experiences for our donors, employees, and partners.”

Sprinklr Improves CX at Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority

Enterprise software firm Sprinklr is helping elevate CX at the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ), the agency described as a major economic catalyst in Dubai, the capital of the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Home to more than 5,000 companies across three economic zones including the Dubai Airport Free Zone, DIEZ acts as a promoter of business growth and investment in Dubai, offering strategic economic zones and facilitating an environment conducive to innovation and commerce. By adopting Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (unified CXM) platform enabling all customer-facing teams to collaborate and take action in sync, DIEZ is taking steps to continuously strengthen and align its customer service processes with the evolving expectations of DIEZ stakeholders, agency managers stated.

In particular, DIEZ is deploying the conversational AI-powered chatbots of New York City-headquartered Sprinklr to streamline contact center operations, integrate customer service operations across digital channels, and deliver efficient service. Moreover, DIEZ customer service agents are leveraging Sprinklr’s advanced features to manage customer inquiries in multiple languages.

Badr Buhannad, DIEZ chief corporate support officer, said collaborating with Sprinklr will redefine customer convenience and enhance the agency’s ease of doing business, in line with DIEZ objectives to deliver exceptional CX. Sprinklr officials said the company is committed to supporting DIEZ in maintaining its customer-centric focus and building a digital global service.

Medallia Raises Customer Satisfaction for Nootropics Maker Thesis

CX and employe experience (EX) specialist Medallia reveals that drug manufacturer Thesis saw an immediate impact in two key areas of its operations within the first 30 days of deploying Medallia Agent Connect, the CX firm’s customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for customer service teams. Using the solution, Thesis saw its survey response rate rise from 4.4% to 13.3%, and its customer satisfaction rate increase from 90.0% to 93.2%.

Thesis is the maker of nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers—nutrient compounds that people use in an attempt to enhance mental performance, improve memory, and increase mental alertness. Thesis selected the agent coaching solution from Medallia to help its contact center agents better understand customers and deliver more individualized service, as New York City-based Thesis makes personalized recommendations based on each customer’s goals and unique brain chemistry.

Ben Segal, vice president of customer experience at Thesis, says Medallia has enabled Thesis agents to not only understand when customers are satisfied but also be rewarded based on the feedback that agents receive. The Medallia solution enables Thesis to give virtual high-fives and rewards to agents in real-time based on positive feedback.

“We can financially reward our amazing agents for the high level of service they provide our customers, and the impact on morale has been unmatched. By engaging our agents and improving their experience, we have seen improvements in customer satisfaction,” Segal added.

Through Medallia’s native capabilities, Thesis has also been able to include personalized avatars for each agent when sending requests for feedback. The mechanism drives agent engagement, and the personal touch with customers helps increase survey response rates, Thesis executives assert.

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