New CX Wins with Medallia, Salesforce, and Amperity

Partners Include BSH Group, Miller Insurance, and Accent Group

New CX Wins with Medallia, Salesforce, and Amperity

Medallia Helps Personalize CX and Increase Revenue at Europe’s BSH Group

Medallia, the CX and employee experience (EX) specialist, is helping Europe’s largest home appliances manufacturer BSH Group expand its consumer offerings through the use of customer journey insights. The insights are delivered via Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO), a platform that identifies real-time customer intent and extends CX insights into actionable strategies, applying what is learned to curate tailored customer journeys.

Using AI-powered insights from MXO’s journey visualization. BSH Group added the option of scheduling an in-store appointment on its website, based on the desire of customers to see a product in person. With the deployment of the personalization feature, BSH Group has been able to increase its business-to-consumer (B2C) revenue, spurring interested buyers to retail locations to try products before purchasing.

Munich, Germany-based BSH Group is home to more than 63,000 employees, operating in 50 countries and providing a wide range of home appliances under 12 major brands, including Bosch, Gaggenau, Neff, and Siemens.

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“At BSH, we want to offer solutions that make life at home easier for our customers across the globe,” said Mesut Ocalan, head of analytics at the global D2C division at BSH Group. “Medallia Experience Orchestration allowed us to tap into the insights that fundamentally changed the way we understand and deliver personalized experiences at scale for our customers. This partnership has proven invaluable to the way we do business and transformed our digital offerings, further improving the customer experience.”

Pleasanton, California-headquartered Medallia is a pioneer in the field of experience management, using proprietary AI and machine learning (ML) technology to generate predictive insights. With Medallia Experience Orchestration, organizations can anticipate customer intent to enable ongoing conversation across channels and deliver a personalized experience for each customer.

Salesforce Is Tapped by UK Insurance Broker Miller to Boost Productivity

Salesforce has teamed up with UK independent specialty insurance broker Miller Insurance to drive productivity and efficiency across its business. Using a combination of Salesforce Einstein AI and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Miller is also able to deliver more personalized client service while improving the experience for its brokers.

With Salesforce Einstein AI’s Prompt Builder, Miller teams are able to use out-of-the-box prompts from Salesforce or create their own prompt template, enabling Miller brokers to produce complex insurance quotes and solutions rapidly and efficiently for clients. And with the Salesforce financial cloud, Miller can manage complex pipelines, collaborate across deal teams, leverage internal and third-party data, and ensure information is shared correctly.

The trust factor is especially important for a regulated financial services company like Miller in serving clients across multiple geographies and regulations. To this end, Salesforce says the zero retention architecture in Einstein Trust Layer allows Miller’s teams to benefit from generative AI without compromising their client data. Headquartered in London, Miller employs more than 800 workers in the UK and its global offices, specializing in various types of insurance and re-insurance.

“We chose Salesforce as our digital partner because its generative AI tools are grounded in trust,” said Dana Cuffe, COO at Miller Insurance. “The insurance industry is on the verge of a seismic, tech-driven shift. With Salesforce allowing us to drive productivity gains and streamline processes, AI is forming the bedrock of our success and positioning us as a market leader.”

Amperity Helps Aussie-NZ Clothing Firm Accent Group Unify Customer Data

Amperity, the Seattle-based customer data platform (CDP) firm, is the choice of Accent Group, the Australian and New Zealand footwear and clothing company, in accelerating its first-party customer data strategy to drive a better CX.

With more than 800 stores and a portfolio in excess of 34 brands, Melbourne, Australia-headquartered Accent says it needed a comprehensive solution to bring together and manage multiple data sources of its various brands.

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Partnering with Amperity, Accent aims to unify its customers from multiple online and offline touchpoints to manage and deliver personalization at scale. And deploying the AI-powered technology of Amperity, Accent will use enterprise-scale identity resolution to build unified customer profiles, delivering audience segmentation and insights for retargeting and creating lookalike and suppression campaigns, enabling a clean and accurate data foundation.

Deena Colman, group general manager for digital and marketing at Accent Group, praises the collaboration. “We strive to provide exceptional customer experiences across all of our brands, which requires a CDP that delivers on the promise of unifying all online and offline customer data and making it actionable. With Amperity, we can unify and activate all of our customer data with the goal of creating a seamless, personalised omnichannel journey for our customers.”

Implementing a first-party data strategy will have an immediate and significant impact for brands looking to understand their customers throughout the customer lifecycle, executives from both companies affirm.

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