CX Wins for UKG, Press Ganey, and SugarCRM

Partners Include Boba Tea Company, Sutter Health, and Waterco

CX Wins for UKG, Press Ganey, and SugarCRM

UKG Helps Boba Tea Company Lift Workplace and Employee Experience

UKG, the Lowell, Massachusetts-based provider of human resources (HR) solutions, says its AI-powered UKG Ready suite is being leveraged by Boba Tea Company, a thriving chain of specialty tea restaurants, to drive business growth and create a culture for employees to deliver exceptional CX.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and employing 175 people at 14 locations across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, Boba Tea Company is building an intentional and purposeful workplace culture with UKG Ready to fuel its growth and expansion into additional US states. UKG Ready is a human capital management (HCM) suite designed specifically for businesses with lean HR and payroll teams.

“We take great pride in our brand and believe that if you’re looking to grow, you need to have technology and a partner that can evolve with you,” says Hoa Luong, chief operating officer at Boba Tea Company. “UKG is that partner for us and has helped us keep our people informed and engaged, which has fueled our business growth.”

Boba Tea partnered with UKG to elevate the role of its frontline workforce through mobile-first technology that allows the organization to communicate with staff across all locations in a more consistent and transparent way. Luong says that the company can roll out a new policy, a new process, or a new drink with the assurance that employees across all locations will get the same information from the UKG app. The app also lifts the burden on HR and managers because employees can easily do things such as swap shifts, view schedules or pay stubs, and update their information directly from their mobile device.

For their part, managers can create best-fit schedules and allow staff to swap shifts, which has led to an improved employee experience (EX), as well as higher sales and shorter restaurant counter lines―because the UKG solution now provides Boba Tea an accurate way to forecast how many employees it would need to meet customer demand, saving the restaurant chain time and money.

Luong says that with UKG, store and district managers as well as payroll staff have saved a combined 70-hours per pay period in reviewing employee time ahead of payroll processing. And with its stores more efficiently staffed, Boba Tea increased its sales by 23% and served more than 1.3 million drinks through 974,000 transactions last year, a big win for the organization that has also led to a better experience for both customers and employees, Luong adds.

Press Ganey and Sutter Health Join Forces to Improve Patient Experience

Press Ganey, the Indiana-based healthcare company known for developing and distributing patient satisfaction surveys, is helping improve the patient and employee experience at Sutter Health, the not-for-profit provider of an integrated health delivery system with 27 acute care campuses and more than 300 clinics serving Northern California.

Press Ganey’s Human Experience (HX) platform will enable Sutter Health to integrate data across multiple areas, making it easier for teams at the healthcare provider to gain insights for local improvements, while also providing an enterprise-wide view across the Sutter Health system.

“At Sutter Health, we recognize the clear benefits of focusing on the holistic experience of our patients and employees,” says Jennifer Bollinger, chief consumer and brand officer at Sutter Health. “After an exhaustive [Request for Proposal] process in 2023, Press Ganey emerged as the clear leader, meeting our requirements for supporting our complex health system and providing the most robust resources and comparative benchmarks in the nation.”

The goal, Sutter Health executives say, is to create a more comprehensive and connected experience for patients, with Press Ganey helping the organization gather and analyze information to arrive at compelling insights on which Sutter Health leaders can act immediately.

Patrick T. Ryan, chairman and CEO at Press Ganey, said healthcare organizations have to do more with less in the current landscape. “Leading healthcare systems like Sutter Health are realizing the value of partnering with one organization that can help support their entire enterprise strategy and accelerate transformation. Our entire team is thrilled to partner with Sutter Health to help them accelerate improvements in their journey to become the nation’s leading healthcare provider.”

SugarCRM Teams Up With Australia’s Waterco to Surface New Revenue

Software company SugarCRM announced that its Sugar Sell Advanced sales automation solution is the choice of Waterco, a water treatment and pool equipment manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia, to power its intelligent sales automation with AI-driven workflows and predictive analytics.

Bringing together customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and predictive business-to-business (B2B) sales intelligence, the Sugar platform aims to reveal new revenue opportunities for the Waterco sales force, help spur revenue growth for the company, and drive exceptional CX, officials from both organizations say.

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Waterco is a pioneer in safe and healthy water solutions that are used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications in more than 40 countries. Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney, Waterco has since become a global brand recognized for designing and manufacturing innovative filtration and sanitization solutions for the swimming pool, spa, aquaculture, and water purification sectors.

With Sugar Sell Advanced as its manufacturing CRM solution, Waterco hopes to benefit from advanced reporting, predictable forecasting, sales data analytics, holistic insights, and omnichannel internal communications for cross-departmental alignment and centralized data access.

“Sugar Sell will significantly improve visibility and predictability for enhanced sales performance, automating our sales process for improved efficiencies,” says Marco Contreras, Australia and New Zealand IT manager at Waterco.

The Sugar deployment includes robust integration between ERP software Epicor Kinetic and Sugar Sell. By mapping data seamlessly between its CRM and ERP platforms, Waterco will have a 360-degree view of its business to unlock newfound revenue opportunities.

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