CX Wins for Amelia, Yoobic, RingCentral, Qualtrics, and Veeva

Tie-ups Prove Successful for Partners Aeromexico, H&M Indonesia, Republic Airways, Community Health Network, and Biopharma Firms

CX Wins for Amelia, Yoobic, RingCentral, Qualtrics, and Veeva

Amelia Helps Transform CX at Aeromexico

Amelia, the provider of a conversational AI platform, is helping transform CX at Mexico’s flagship carrier Aeromexico and its global fleet of more than 150 aircraft. In place of an older solution that previously powered Aeromexico’s digital agent Aerobot, the airline will now use Amelia’s conversational AI platform to address high demand, reduce call-center operational costs, and support human agents.

To be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amelia will be integrated with several of the airline’s enterprise systems, including booking, flight statistics, passenger service, baggage claim, customer satisfaction, interactive video response (IVR), and customer relationship management (CRM). Amelia is expected to manage nearly 56,000 traveler requests each month for a wide range of use cases, such as flight reservations and check-ins. Amelia will also be trained as a “whisper agent” to provide suggestions in targeted use cases still being handled by human agents.

Aeromexico will deploy Amelia in four phases spread throughout the course of 12 months. The first phase will migrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the digital CX channels used by the carrier, from its incumbent solution to Amelia. In the second phase, the airline will expand Amelia’s role to support more use cases. In the third and final phase, Aeromexico will implement Amelia across its other lines of business, including the company’s IT service desk, mobile app, airport kiosks, and cargo, with the goal of creating one unified and consistent CX across all channels.

Elias Tapia, CRM director at Aeromexico, says that with the new Aerobot, the airline can now offer a seamless CX and tailored interactions. “Our team in Aeromexico believes that it is crucial to provide personalized and omnichannel customer service nowadays. This personalized approach can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Lanham Napier, president and chairman at Amelia, says conversational AI digital agents have become critical factors for success. “AI is the ideal remedy for some of the travel industry’s most pressing challenges. By hiring Amelia, Aeromexico demonstrates its continued leadership in the airline industry and its dedication to delivering top-tier customer service.”

Yoobic Is H&M Indonesia’s Choice of Frontline EX Platform

Yoobic, the London-based provider of an employee experience (EX) platform, has been adopted for use by the frontline team of H&M Indonesia, the division of clothing retail chain Hennes & Mauritz—better known as H&M—operating in the largest and most populous country in Southeast Asia.

Implemented in more than 60 H&M Indonesia stores and involving 290 frontline staff, the Yoobic platform has significantly elevated employee engagement, communication, and productivity, while enhancing efficiency, compliance, and sustainability, H&M Indonesia executives say.

Yoobic features private messaging, video calls, and group chats while facilitating direct communication between frontline staff and store managers or company leaders. Customer-facing staff is equipped to automate and expedite manual tasks, and electronic checklists enable store managers to track task completion by their teams. Yoobic also monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) and compliance through real-time analytics and automated dashboards.

Karina Soegarda, H&M Indonesia communications manager, says Yoobic has proven its utility. “With Yoobic, we’ve been able to harness frontline digitization and real-time analytics to solve a number of stubborn operational challenges, including difficulties around communication, productivity, compliance, and training.”

Paul Mabire, Yoobic head of sales for Asia Pacific, says the platform has boosted productivity at H&M Indonesia and has enabled the clothing retail chain to launch more than two dozen campaigns within months, improve its decision-making process, and cut paper usage in support of global environmental sustainability efforts.

Founded in 2014, Yoobic is currently deployed across frontline employee teams in more than 350 companies. The Yoobic partnership with H&M Indonesia is in line with the platform provider’s strategy targeting the Asia Pacific region for further growth and expansion.

RingCentral Helps Improve Employee Communications at Republic Airways

Enterprise cloud communications firm RingCentral and its solutions for team messaging and the contact center have been selected by Republic Airways to improve communications.

Among the country’s largest regional airlines and with an employee base of more than 6,000 aviation professionals, Indiana-based Republic Airways found its existing on-premises phone system unable to keep up with the increasing demand being made on the carrier’s internal and external communications. To improve workflows and enable real-time communication between flight staff and the operations center, Republic Airways chose RingCentral’s Contact Center and MVP (Message-Video-Phone) solutions.

With Contact Center, Republic Airways pilots, flight attendants, and other crew members are able to connect quickly to the operations center for time-sensitive communication and real-time information, including rerouting and last-minute schedule changes. And through MVP, the carrier’s employees have access to SMS, fax, and other telephony features, while experiencing seamless integration through RingCentral for Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.

“RingCentral’s solutions will enhance the experience for our pilots, flight crews, and operations teams through more efficient communication and collaboration,” says Nirav Shah, chief information officer at Republic Airways. “Most importantly, [the] solutions will play a critical role in our enterprise-wide digital transformation by giving all our employees a single, reliable, and centralized platform that will enable them to communicate more effectively and securely.”

Carson Hostetter, chief revenue officer at RingCentral, reiterates support for the carrier, which operates through partner brands American Eagle, Delta Corporation, and United Express. “We look forward to supporting Republic Airways through its migration to the cloud and setting up solutions that will serve their aviation teams for years to come,” Hostetter declares.

Qualtrics Transforms Experience at Community Health Network

Qualtrics, the creator of the experience management (XM) category, is helping Community Health Network transform its approach to patient care and experience.

A nonprofit system with more than 200 sites of care and affiliates throughout central Indiana, Community Health Network uses the Qualtrics XM Platform to collect and analyze patient feedback across channels and visualize and share the data. The process informs decision-making and is followed by recommended and automated actions that build emotional connections and ease the burden on healthcare staff. To date, the approach has resulted in meaningful improvements, including a 30% increase in patient response rates.

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“Having access to data with this level of granularity and segmentation puts us light years ahead of where we’ve been in the past and provides us with powerful insights into specific opportunities for improvement,” says Dr. Patrick McGill, chief transformation officer at Community Health Network. “Empowering frontline caregivers to take ownership of measuring and improving experiences at the location, department, and unit levels has led to better patient care as well as more engaged employees.”

McGill says the flexibility of the Qualtrics platform allows different teams to configure dashboards and programs based on their needs while enabling ongoing refinement of the XM program overall, including expansion into the caregiver, digital, and brand experiences.

Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Qualtrics chief medical officer, compliments McGill and his staff. “What I most appreciate about Community Health Network is the leadership of Dr. McGill and team—they integrated data analytics, access, and clinical components into an experience strategy. They also utilize closed loop, a process customer-obsessed industries use, to drive resolution of issues at scale. This is what partnership looks like across programs, and they are pushing the industry forward in big, bold, data-driven ways.”

Overall, the partnership with Qualtrics has led to more personalized interventions, improved patient engagement, and a better patient experience at Community Health Network, caregivers say.

Veeva CRM Animates Digital Engagement With Leading Asia Pacific Biopharmas

Life sciences software maker Veeva Systems says its Veeva CRM platform is deployed at 18 of the top 20 biopharma companies in the Asia Pacific region because of more effective engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim and MSD use Veeva CRM to gain greater visibility and actionable insights across digital and in-person channels, officials from Veeva Systems note.

The Veeva CRM platform is used by sales, medical, and marketing teams to deliver the appropriate mix of in-person and digital interactions throughout customer journeys. With insights embedded in workflows, field teams possess up-to-date information to plan and execute meetings with HCPs.

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Jin Lee, regional director of sales force excellence at MSD Asia Pacific, says the longstanding partnership with Veeva has helped the company take a focused approach to customer engagement, building more impactful relationships with HCPs in Asia Pacific to best support their patients. And at Boehringer Ingelheim, Gerardo Gutierrez, the company’s regional head of commercial operations for human pharma, says Veeva CRM enables its customer-facing teams to better orchestrate relevant HCP engagement and valuable experiences across multiple channels.

In August, Veeva introduced Veeva Vault CRM, the company’s next-generation CRM platform expected to go live with its first customers in 2024 and slated to replace Veeva CRM. Built on the Veeva Vault Platform, Vault CRM has the full functionality of Veeva CRM but adds significant new innovations, including the new applications Veeva CRM Bot and Veeva Service Center.

“We’re proud that Veeva CRM has become the foundation that top [Asia Pacific] biopharmas rely on for omnichannel insights and engagement,” says Sudhir Kandarth, general manager at Veeva Asia Pacific. “We look forward to working with customers to leverage Veeva Vault CRM innovation on their path to achieving commercial excellence.”

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