CX Partnerships for Statara, Playvox, and Mitto

Collaborations Are Forged with CallHub, Five9, and MoEngage

CX Partnerships for Statara, Playvox, and Mitto

CX Solutions Firm Statara Partners with Campaign Platform Provider CallHub

Statara, a key provider of data analytics and customer intelligence solutions, is teaming up with campaigning and organizing platform firm CallHub. By combining the advanced data analytics capabilities of Statara with the comprehensive engagement tools of CallHub, the partnership aims to empower the campaigns of political and advocacy groups while also enhancing engagement for campaign audiences.

Statara’s Identity Insights and Data Dictionary enable campaigners to access advanced identity data and boost their understanding of unique audience segments. The company’s specialized identity resolution strategies include data hygiene and first-party data enrichment, and its datasets in areas such as age, education, race, and political affiliation are validated by Truthset, a data intelligence company focused exclusively on authenticating consumer data.

The CallHub platform, meanwhile, is known for its digital organizing, campaigning, and canvassing capabilities, offering features like SMS broadcasting, voice broadcasting, and peer-to-peer texting. A 2023 blog from the company details, for instance, what political campaigns can do to maximize outreach efforts to supporters.

Statara CEO Bryan Whitaker says the collaboration hopes to equip campaigners with the insights necessary to make informed decisions, maximizing campaign impact and driving measurable change. “Today’s advocacy landscape demands a data-driven approach. Together, our goal is to provide advocacy and non-profit groups with a holistic solution that facilitates seamless communication and ensures that every engagement is informed by valuable data insights.”

CallHub CEO Augustus Franklin highlighted the partnership’s potential to enhance campaign engagement. “By integrating Statara’s data solutions into our platform, we are offering advocacy and PAC professionals a powerful combination that will elevate their campaign engagement through increased audience insights.”

WFM Provider Playvox Launches Solution in Partnership Integration with Five9

Workforce engagement company Playvox is partnering with contact center solution provider Five9, bringing its full suite of workforce management (WFM) programs to the Five9 CX Marketplace, the company’s gateway location for Five9 solutions and those of its trusted partners and technology providers.

The partnership will enable businesses across all industries to integrate Playvox WFM technology features with the AI-driven digital engagement and workflow optimization capabilities of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform, helping make planning, forecasting, and employee scheduling easier, more accurate, and less time consuming. And through the partnership, the combined offerings from both companies will deliver smarter and customized experiences to organizations, while also providing employees with more flexibility and insight.

“Playvox is proud to align with Five9 to bring its full suite of solutions, including its award-winning Workforce Management solution, to its shared and new customers,” said Dan Pagel, CEO at Playvox.

While the Five9 platform already offers native workforce engagement management capabilities, some enterprises may still choose to leverage the WFM features of a third-party solution like Playvox for various reasons, such as to centralize staff management, a statement from Playvox notes. Playbox can also help businesses with hybrid and remote work management, omnichannel customer support, and the management of service level agreements.

For its part, Five9 announced that its platform recently became available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Google’s digital store for enabling users to deploy third-party software solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. The presence of Five9 allows Google Cloud customers to access Five9 technologies more easily and to manage costs, including simplifying procurement and billing.

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Aside from Playvox, Five9 offers integrations with various other WFM providers, including Calabrio, injixo, and Verint. Five9 also counts more than 1,450 technology and channel partners in its global partner network, providing services to more than 2,500 organizations in 104 countries.

Mitto and MoEngage Join Forces to Transform Communications

Telecommunications service provider Mitto is forming a strategic partnership with CX firm MoEngage to optimize communications and cost-efficiency. With the collaboration, Mitto becomes a participant in the MoEngage Catalyst Ecosystem, the company’s network of technology partners and resellers that focuses on helping brands scale at speed.

In turn, MoEngage customers will be able to deploy Mitto’s advanced SMS application programming interface (API) and WhatsApp business communication solutions to engage and support customers worldwide with two-way, individualized conversations. MoEngage customers will also be able to leverage Mitto’s proprietary AI-routing platform to proactively monitor carrier networks, run simulations, and prioritize traffic, in order to identify the best message paths and provide the fastest delivery speeds at the most cost-effective price points.

The Mitto integration also lets MoEngage users segment customers, tailor messaging, monitor real-time performance indicators, and boost operational efficiency through event-triggered automation.

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By uniting the abilities offered by both Mitto and MoEngage, brands can optimize their return on investment (ROI) and deliver outstanding CX to consumers worldwide, the two companies say.

“We believe that our collaborative efforts with Mitto will help businesses delight customers with unforgettable, hyper-personalized experiences across high-impact channels that make them feel seen, heard, and understood, “ noted Raviteja Dodda, MoEngage founder and CEO.

Andrea Giacomini, Mitto CEO, concurs. “Our partnership with MoEngage reinforces our commitment to not just empowering brands with innovative communication tools but to reshaping the future of how businesses interact and care for customers.”

Zurich, Switzerland-based Mitto Is a provider of omnichannel communication solutions worldwide, supporting business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. The company operates a platform that offers easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, voice and chat apps, next-generation enterprise messaging, and end-to-end phone number management.

MoEngage bills itself as an insights-led customer engagement platform built for marketers and product owners, enabling personalization at scale across multiple channels that include mobile push, email, in-app, web push, on-site messages, and SMS. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has more than 1,000 customer brands across 35 countries.

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