Customer Wins for Talkdesk, Veeva, Keap, Adobe, Walgreens, and Microsoft

Happy Customers Include Iberostar, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Fully Promoted, and BMW Group

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In this roundup of customer wins, CX providers bring new levels of success to their customers and partners. For Spain’s Iberostar, Talkdesk helped hotel agents successfully pivot to a remote work-at-home model without sacrificing the comfort and ease of access of hotel guests. For Veeva, adoption of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution by Teva Pharma paved the way for aligning pharmacy sales in eight European countries. Similar fortuitous developments apply to the three other partnerships in this roundup:  Keap and Fully Promoted; Adobe and BMW Group; and Walgreens and Microsoft. Details follow below.

Talkdesk Is Solution Provider for Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

Talkdesk, the enterprise contact center firm from San Francisco, has been selected by Iberostar Hotel & Resorts as its contact center solution provider. The selection followed the successful navigation of Iberostar, the global hotel chain and tourism company based in Spain, from on-site services provisioning to remote call-center operations.

The catalyst for modernizing Iberostar operations was COVID-19, which necessitated agents to work from home. Iberostar also deployed CX Cloud, the customer experience solution from Talkdesk, whose advanced routing capabilities helped hotel agents manage fluctuating call volumes more efficiently. Talkdesk CX Cloud also was deeply integrated with Salesforce, enabling hotel agents to provide a more personalized experience for resort guests.

Lucia Rubio, Iberostar CX online director, says commitment to quality is one of the hotel chain’s greatest strengths. “For us, customers aren’t just guests, they’re an extension of our family and we’re dedicated to providing the best holiday experience for them from start to finish,” says Rubio. “With the Talkdesk solution, no matter where our agents are working, they have the tools they need to make guests feel valued and welcomed in every interaction.”

Veeva Systems CRM is Adopted by Teva Pharmaceuticals for Europe

Veeva Systems, the provider of CRM software from California for the global life sciences industry, says its multichannel Veeva CRM solution has been adopted by Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals to align pharmacy sales on a single platform in eight European countries, a group that includes France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Teva, a global pharmaceutical company providing generic drugs and biopharmaceutical medicines, previously used multiple legacy systems in different countries. But by deploying Veeva CRM, Teva reduced its administrative burden and enabled teams to easily share best practices among markets. Moreover, to work with pharmacies, Teva’s pharmacy sales teams are now able to use an advanced digital order management system, accompanied by key information from Veeva CRM MyInsights to make data-driven decisions for a tailored CRM experience.

Veeva CRM can also provide pharmacy field forces with actionable insights at the point of sale, including past orders, invoice status, negotiation history, and other activity history. Such a view, Veeva says, helps pharmacy reps drive successful negotiations critical to the sales process.

Keap is the Preferred Vendor for Fully Promoted

Keap, the Arizona-based provider of automation software for small businesses, has been named the preferred sales and marketing automation vendor for Fully Promoted (FP), the Florida-based operator of the world’s largest franchise for branded products, to drive growth for the business.

Keap’s all-in-one solution for CRM, email and text marketing, and reporting will serve FP and its more than 300 franchise holders worldwide.  Franchise owners, or franchisors, will also benefit, with Keap integrating core acquisition, nurture, and sales tools in an interface that will allow owners to unify all affiliates on a single platform. Franchisors will also be able to reduce onboarding time for new franchisees by up to 40%, roll out sales and marketing plans to their teams, and standardize the reporting of results.

At the highest level, Keap will work with FP’s corporate marketing team to help design, distribute, and publish content across the entire FP network, providing consistent messaging and branding throughout the FP organization, while also simplifying the marketing process for franchisees. Significant challenges are often encountered by franchise owners and their franchisees in driving growth for business, and solutions that reduce chaos and create repeatable, predictable growth are what will be needed, Keap says.

Adobe and BMW Group Expand Partnership

Adobe and BMW Group are expanding their partnership, with plans by the German luxury carmaker to leverage the multimedia software maker’s Experience Cloud suite of CX apps and services. With the arrangement, BMW Group hopes to deliver personalized digital experiences to its customers as the firm closes in on the goal of selling a quarter of all its vehicles online within the next three years.

BMW Group will use the integrated capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud to intelligently link online shopping with physical retail, delivering targeted CX across channels. Using the data-driven capabilities of Experience Cloud, the automotive manufacturer can then make personalized and relevant recommendations, such as additional services or technical options tailored to the individual preferences of customers, to maximize their driving experience and build even closer, more trusted relationships with them, BMW Group says.

Home to four brands—BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mini, and BMW Motorrad—BMW Group hopes to provide customers with seamless online and offline experiences, pairing CX with Adobe’s innovations in content creation, asset management, content velocity, and streamlined workflows to deliver experiences at the scale and level of quality demanded by customers, both organizations say.

Walgreens Boots Alliance and Microsoft Establish Strategic Partnership

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), the Illinois-based holding company that owns the retail pharmacy chains Walgreens and Boots—is joining forces with Microsoft to develop new healthcare delivery models, technology, and retail innovations to improve and advance alike the future of health care.

The companies will combine, on the one hand, the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, healthcare investments, and new retail solutions, with, on the other hand, WBA’s customer reach, convenient locations, outpatient healthcare services, and industry expertise. The goal is to make healthcare delivery more personal, affordable, and accessible to people around the world.

Together, the two companies will strategize and focus attention on three key areas: providing a connected, consumer-centric healthcare delivery and management platform, personalizing healthcare services, and collaborating with payors, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to implement solutions that will improve health outcomes at a lower cost. Through the partnership, Microsoft will become WBA’s strategic cloud provider, while WBA will migrate the majority of its IT infrastructure onto Microsoft Azure.

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