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mParticle and Søstrene Grene, Radisson Hotel Group and Medallia; Statflo and Wow Mobile Boutique; Amdocs and Cellcom; OpenText and MSIG; Vonage and Visionflex

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As the stories in this roundup piece suggest, the search for good CX is perpetual because the quest for excellence never ends. But while providing good CX takes many forms, the centerpiece of those efforts remains invariably unchanged. The customer, for better or worse, continues to be supreme. For this roundup, Dash Network focuses on six notable pairings that caught our attention during the past week.

mParticle Helps Danish Retailer Søstrene Grene Unify Customer Data

Customer data platform (CDP) provider mParticle is helping Danish retailer Søstrene Grene Import A/S with the digital transformation task of unifying and securing customer data.

With an online presence and more than 240 stores in 15 markets, Søstrene Grene recognized the need to securely manage its first-party customer data, while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations across its geographic markets.

Rasmus Skjøtt, chief digital officer of omnichannel at Søstrene Grene, says the ability of mParticle to ingest data and control permissions through a single interface makes it an extremely powerful tool for managing customer data. “Gaining a unified view of each customer will help us provide shoppers with the most relevant information and product deals, whether they are shopping online or in-store.”

Overall, mParticle empowered Søstrene Grene with a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey by providing a unified ID for all known customers. With a clear picture of customer behavior, Søstrene Grene went on to optimize customer engagement (CE), deliver relevant product recommendations and offers, and improve CX. mParticle also enabled Søstrene Grene to compare marketing programs across channels, unlocking new insights and a data-driven advantage not previously available with a siloed approach.

Radisson Hotel Group to Use Medallia for Guest Experience

The Radisson Hotel Group Americas (RHGA) is integrating the Medallia Zingle intelligent guest messaging platform with the property management system (PMS) of every hotel within the Radisson chain to provide hotel guests with superior experience. The advanced PMS integration automates the guest data transfer process, while also ensuring the security of guest data, Radisson said in a prepared statement.

For hotel staff, the Zingle platform will provide real-time, personalized engagement to guests throughout every stage of their hotel stay—from pre-arrival and check-in, to service requests and recovery, and finally to checkout. Guest service needs are managed in one platform, allowing for faster communication with guests.

Tom Buoy, interim chief executive officer (CEO) of Radisson Hotel Group Americas, says the hotel is continually looking for innovative ways to deliver a better guest experience.

“After conducting a more than six-month pilot at franchised and managed hotels, and receiving overwhelming endorsement from nearly 500 franchise owners, general managers, and their teams, we are confident Zingle will become one more opportunity to create a competitive edge for all RHGA hotels,” Buoy remarked. “This unique software allows hotel teams to immediately and conveniently respond to the needs of our guests, which is guaranteed to make a lasting impact.”

Statflo Partners with Wow! Mobile Boutique for Enhanced CX

Statflo, the Toronto, Canada-based provider of a text-messaging customer outreach platform, has teamed up with fellow Canadian outfit Wow! Mobile Boutique, the multicarrier wireless retailer headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.

Currently used by more than 400 Wow store employees at 80 Wow retail locations, the Statflo solution enables Wow frontline teams to connect with customers via text messaging, providing more personalized and engaging shopping experiences.

Scott Grover, the Wow national sales director, says partnering with Statflo has resulted in increased traffic and higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for Wow. “Our retail teams love the ability to text customers, while maintaining total compliance around the conversation,” Grover said. “Interacting with customers in real time makes the traditional wireless experience much more efficient in stores while enabling our sales team to ultimately grow their business relationships.”

Amdocs Finishes Digital Modernization for Cellcom

Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications service providers (CSPs) and media companies, reports it has completed a digital modernization project with Israeli telecom operator Cellcom, resulting in measurable productivity gains.

The open-source-based solution for the Cellcom system is designed to provide contact center and retail store agents with a simplified omnichannel experience, enabling them to deliver fast and frictionless CX, according to Amdocs. Cellcom agents also have the ability to manage e-commerce transactions through the new system.

Overall, the solution is built on a simplified cloud-ready architecture through a collaborative DevOps approach and a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practice, which paved the way for maximum responsiveness and agility during implementation, Amdocs added.

Cellcom chief information officer (CIO) Victor Malka says he is pleased about the strategic collaboration between the two partners. “Our digital transformation, in which Amdocs is playing a vital role, will ensure we’re fit for the future and able to offer a world-class customer experience to both consumers and our enterprise customers,” Malka adds.

OpenText Solutions Find a Home at Insurance Giant MSIG

OpenText, the Canadian provider of an information management platform, says its solutions are now implemented at MSIG Singapore and MSIG Malaysia, both part of the large Asian general insurance brand MSIG and the broader global insurance conglomerate MS&AD Insurance Group.

Installation of the solutions was in line with the digital transformation strategy of MSIG across its operations in Asia to modernize and support digital enablement, the insurer said in a statement.

Joseph Yew, CIO at MSIG Asia, says leveraging OpenText solutions provides a system that supports future growth and flexibility alike. “OpenText solutions empower us to maximize our operational efficiencies across different lines of businesses and locations, while helping to improve customer satisfaction and enhance convenience for customers who are increasingly requesting self-service insurance transactions,” Yew adds.

Vonage Powers Visionflex Telehealth and Remote Healthcare Services

Vonage, the New Jersey-based provider of cloud communications, is the choice of Australia’s Visionflex in delivering telehealth and remote healthcare services to a global patient base.

Alex Hollings, business development manager at Visionflex, said the company’s goal was to expand remote healthcare beyond video conferencing. That was achieved by embedding Vonage video application programming interfaces (APIs) directly into Visionflex’s Telehealth Platform.

“With Vonage APIs embedded into our solutions, we are providing audio and video connections of the highest quality, which allows medical practitioners to become more than passive participants in telehealth—they can gather the data needed to diagnose and care for patients anytime, anywhere,” Hollings said.

The APIs, which allow developers to build or enhance intelligent CX into existing applications and devices, can also be used with a wide range of telehealth devices, medical equipment, and software solutions.

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