Author: Randy Kerns

Organizations look to the public cloud to streamline their IT environments. However, they can become more expensive than on-premises deployments. The Futurum Group has partnered with Veritas to create a total cost of ownership model to evaluate data protection in the public cloud.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters – Insider Edition, Randy Kerns is joined by Quantum’s Brian Pawlowski, for a conversation on Quantum’s Myriad solution and how it is uniquely offering solutions to customer data challenges.
The Company Gathered Analysts to Share Strategy, Successes, and Upcoming Product Releases
Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at The Futurum Group, shares information on the recent Veeam Analyst Summit.
The Futurum Group’s Randy Kerns is joined by Eric Herzog, CMO for Infinidat for a conversation on Infinidat’s new solutions and other recent announcements.
Integration with Amazon Bedrock to Bring New Foundational Models and Data Insights
Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at The Futurum Group, shares information on a recent Cohesity announcement of software integration with Amazon Bedrock to bring AI capabilities into its multicloud data platform and solutions.
In our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale-Out AI Platform for Industry, done in partnership with Dell, The Futurum Group Lab team outlined Dell PowerEdge Servers coupled with the Broadcom Ethernet NICS to provide the high-speed inter-node communications required with distributed computing and accelerated LLM training.
In our latest research brief, Nyriad UltraIO Storage System: The Economics of Technology for Storage, done in partnership with Nyriad, we analyze the value of the Nyriad UltaIO solution in addressing the broader challenges for storing and managing information assets as well as economic benefits.
Databricks Announces Intention to Acquire Arcion to Build Out Its Credentials in the Data Ingestions Space
Randy Kerns, Steven Dickens, and Mark Beccue of The Futurum Group examine Databricks’ acquisition of Arcion to bolster its AI ambitions.
Teradata Announces Generative AI Capabilities for VantageCloud Lake
Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on the recent Teradata addition of, which brings generative AI capabilities to the VantageCloud Lake platform.
Google Announces Advances for BigQuery Data Platform at Google Next 2023
Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at The Futurum Group shares his assessment of Google’s BigQuery Data Platform announcements, announced recently at Google Next 2023.
Continued Delivery of Advanced Capabilities for Databricks Lakehouse Data Platform to Be Used in AI/ML Development
Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at The Futurum Group shares information on the recent information from Databricks. Randy covers technology and products that deal with Information Storage and Management in addition to Data Platforms used for AI/ML.
A customizable high-end NAS product comparison of features, performance, functionality and specifications using the EvaluScale product review methodology. The Futurum Group “EvaluScale” assesses each product within a specific technology area. For each area, there is a set of criteria where the product being assessed. The Futurum Group analysts will set a weighting factor for each criterion based on the importance to the customer. For each product, The Futurum Group analysts will judge how well the vendor meets the criteria and apply the measure of either “meets requirements”, “exceeds requirements” or is an “area for development” as to meeting the criteria. The score is calculated based on the measure and weight and then summed to give an overall rating. The EvaluScale chart displays how well a product meets the requirements in three groupings of criteria along with the judgement of the vendor’s ability to deliver on capabilities and investment in the product. A detailed explanation of each product and the analyst’s explanation for the rating is available for subscription clients as an inquiry engagement.