Author: Shira Rubinoff

Chris McHenry, VP of Product Management at Aviatrix, joins Shira Rubinoff to share his insights on the timely and crucial convergence of cloud networking and security, explaining how this integration fosters better efficiency, security, and innovation.
Jeremy Embalabala, CISO at HUB International, and Kit Beall, CRO at Cohesity, join Shira Rubinoff to discuss evolving cybersecurity strategies and the pivotal role of data management in facilitating organizational resilience against cyber threats.
Akiba Saeedi and Scott McCarthy from IBM join Shira Rubinoff on Six Five On the Road to explore securing AI and the crucial intertwining of cybersecurity within AI development, underlining the importance of readiness against evolving cyber threats.
Jim McGann, VP of Strategic Alliances at Index Engines, joins host Shira Rubinoff to share his insights on revolutionizing data security and integrity. A deep dive into the workings and ambitions of Index Engines and CyberSense.