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In our latest Research Brief, Acknowledging the Impact of Agent Experience on Customer Experience, completed in partnership with Local Measure, we discuss the drivers of agent frustration and burnout, the benefits of implementation new technology such as AI to better support agents and enable greater automation, and the advantages provided by the use of a modern, cloud-based contact center solution that can integrate and activate technology that creates better experiences and outcomes for both agents and customers.
In our latest Research Brief, Driving Revenue, Customer Loyalty, and Retention via a Modern Contact Center, completed in partnership with Local Measure, we discuss the reasons why so many contact centers fail to deliver results, the need to support a modern customer journey and lifecycle, the use of modern tools and approaches to deliver CX efficiently, and how to convert positive agent experiences into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In our latest Market Insight Report, Private 5G Networks – MSP Specialists, we take a deep dive into why private 5G Networks are gaining momentum as enterprises prioritize coverage, performance, and security factors that MSP specialists are increasingly fulfilling.
In our latest research brief, The Enterprise-wide Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Platform, done in partnership with Oracle, Research Director Ron Westfall explores the current data platform requirements for enterprises and how businesses can best approach culling the search for a solution that meets its needs now and in the future.
In our latest Market Insight Report, 5G Sustainability for Network Equipment Providers, we take a deep dive into the top 5G sustainability market shapers, 5G sustainability criterion, 5G sustainability priorities and strategies, and the foremost 5G NEP sustainability portfolios.
In our latest Market Insight Report, Employee Experience Technology Provides Stability Amid Uncertainties, we detail each of the forces shaping the employee experience market, top challenges in the employee experience market, solutions that support employee experience, and the top five trends to watch.
In our latest Market Insight Report, The Low-Code/No-Code Development Platform Market, we detail the top low-code/no-code development market drivers, discuss the core capabilities that should be embedded in any low-code or no-code platform, identify the key risks strategies and risks involved with low-code/no-code development, and profile five leading low-code/no-code development platform providers.
In our latest Research Brief, Enhancing Demand Planning with Microsoft Dynamics 365, completed in partnership with Microsoft, we cover the challenges with managing myriad internal and external data signals that impact demand planning, the growing use of AI for forecasting, and the need to integrate and consolidate data and planning into a single system to improve agility, responsiveness, and accuracy.
In our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale-Out AI Platform for Industry, done in partnership with Dell, The Futurum Group Lab team outlined Dell PowerEdge Servers coupled with the Broadcom Ethernet NICS to provide the high-speed inter-node communications required with distributed computing and accelerated LLM training.
Our latest report, the Azure Native Qumulo TCO Report-- done in partnership with Qumulo-- explores the TCO analysis of Qumulo’s Azure Native Qumulo (ANQ) managed cloud service to examine its cost over a 7-year period.
In our latest research brief, Server Modernization -- Why You Need to Act Now, done in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), we analyze how the company’s ProLiant Gen11 servers and GreenLake as-a-service program can help busy enterprises meet their on-premises and hybrid cloud compute needs.