Archives: Research Reports

In our latest Research Brief, The Case for Integrated Building Management: Achieving Operational Efficiency with Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator, done in partnership with Honeywell, we analyze Honeywell’s EBI solution and how it addresses key customer pain points.
In this white paper, Operationalizing the Circular Economy: How HP is Reinventing Sustainability for the Tech Sector, you will learn the five fundamental challenges standing in the way of this transition, and how to address them.
Our latest research report, Endpoint Security Trends 2023, digs into modern attack techniques and how IT and security practitioners can most effectively respond and react, grounded in quantitative survey feedback.
Our research report, Protecting Kubernetes Applications with Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, done in partnership with Dell Technologies, explores Dell PowerProtect Data Manager as a tool for addressing today's IT Teams' need to protect Kubernetes applications and their data.
The Futurum Group's latest research report, 2023 Cloud Downtime Incident Report, presents a detailed examination of downtime incidents across major cloud providers. By meticulously collecting and analyzing publicly available incident reporting data, we uncover patterns and practices surrounding outages and incident reporting.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: VMware Under Broadcom's Ownership, delves into the strategic direction under CEO Hock Tan, key announcements across VMware's product suite, and provides recommendations and a forward-looking perspective on VMware's journey under Broadcom's stewardship.
Our latest report, Market Insight Report: Google Innovates in Generative AI with Focus on IaaS to Foster Growth, examines these latest blogs on the infrastructure level, emphasizing the strategic investments and innovations initiated as far back as 2013 that have positioned Google to efficiently manage AI workloads.
Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell Enables an Industrial Digital Twin Proof of Concept with Artificial Intelligence Technology, a Proof of Concept, developed by Scalers AI in partnership with Dell, Broadcom, and The Futurum Group, that showcases an innovative approach to developing AI in manufacturing environments using metaverse digital twins.
Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell POC for Scalable and Heterogeneous Gen-AI Platform, outlines a Proof of Concept, and we investigate the ability to perform scale-out inferencing for production and to utilize a similar inferencing software stack across heterogeneous CPU and GPU systems to accommodate different production requirements.
Our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell AI PoC for Transportation & Logistics, outlines a Proof of Concept, developed by Scalers AI in partnership with Dell, Broadcom, and The Futurum Group, that showcases an AI powered application targeted at maritime shipping.
The Futurum Group’s latest research report, DORA Compliance and Resiliency for the Mainframe: Proactive Strategies for Operational Continuity, completed in partnership with BMC Software, delves into the intricacies of operational resilience within the context of DORA. It examines the impact of DORA regulations on mainframe operations and provides proactive strategies for organizations to achieve compliance while maintaining operational continuity.
In our latest research brief, Revolutionizing Conference Spaces: Embracing Multi-Camera Solutions for High-Impact Spaces, done in partnership with Crestron, delves into the transformative power of multi-camera solutions in high-impact spaces, ensuring every remote or in-person participant is fully engaged and connected.