New CX Wins for Zeotap, 3CLogic, and SAP Emarsys

Partnerships Forged with Douglas, A Global B2B Travel Platform, and Miramar Group

New CX Wins for Zeotap, 3CLogic, and SAP Emarsys

German Firms Zeotap and Douglas Team Up in New CX Enhancement Effort

Zeotap, the customer intelligence company based in Berlin, Germany, is the partner of choice of fellow German firm Douglas, the perfumery and cosmetics chain headquartered in Dusseldorf. Zeotap is deploying its customer data platform (CDP) solution to build comprehensive 360-degree customer profiles and elevate the customer engagement strategy of the beauty chain.

Douglas intends to dismantle its data silos and aggregate data currently coming from various sources so it can identify and re-engage customers efficiently, company executives say. And by harnessing Zeotap, Douglas aims to orchestrate customer touchpoints expertly through its various communication channels to enhance customer journeys across its stores and e-commerce site.

Founded in 2014, Zeotap is known for offering an interface built for marketers to deliver personalized experiences for consumers and drive commercial outcomes within 8 weeks. Its mission is to help customers monetize data in a “privacy-first Europe,” as the company states.

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Zeotap’s new partner, Douglas, can trace its roots to its establishment in 1821 in Hamburg. Operating today from its main office in Dusseldorf, considered the fashion capital of Germany, Douglas bills itself as Europe’s top premier beauty destination. The cosmetics chain has a roster of some 35,000 beauty products that can be found in more than 1,900 stores and franchise outlets across 19 countries in Europe.

Yves Dupont, director of projects and engineering at Douglas, expresses high hopes for the new partnership. “We believe that Zeotap CDP is the perfect partner to help us unlock the power of data and to thus offer our customers a better, more engaging and custom-tailored shopping experience.”

Tibor Stefan, chief revenue officer at Zeotap, is welcoming. “This collaboration further validates the effectiveness of our platform in helping industry leaders achieve their customer engagement goals.“

3CLogic Is Choice of Global B2B Travel Firm to Deploy ServiceNow-Centric Solution

3CLogic, the conversational AI and contact center solution for digital business platform provider ServiceNow, announced recently that it had been selected by a global business-to-business (B2B) travel firm to enhance its CX operations.

The move is being made in collaboration with the travel company’s existing use of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) product, and will help streamline the travel provider’s internal service operations while also optimizing the daily interactions of its customers, which are conducted in more than 30 languages. The travel firm, whose identity is being kept secret for the time being, is also the provider of a B2B platform that serves hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and travel agencies in more than 60 countries.

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3C Logic, offering services across five continents, has sought to overcome the traditional boundaries between contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions and service management platforms.

“As enterprises assess their CX needs, especially in CCaaS, many are realizing that replacing one contact center solution with another is not transformational in itself,” explained Matt Durkin, vice president of global sales at 3CLogic. “Meaningful value can only be reached when customer engagement channels are natively woven into the workflows and systems they already use. The result is a single unified solution delivering better customer experiences and operational efficiency.”

Deploying 3CLogic at the travel company and for its more than 400 agents worldwide will enable several ServiceNow-centric capabilities geared toward enhancing the travel provider’s CX operations.

These services include the ability for the travel firm to route and personalize calls based on attributes and context data stored in ServiceNow; to automatically post call transcripts to ServiceNow records and reduce the manual tasks of agents; to create and manage agent skills from a single interface and cut administrative overhead; and to enrich ServiceNow with real-time call data to enable the native creation of omnichannel dashboards.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, 3CLogic is a ServiceNow-certified technology and build partner with offerings available for ServiceNow solutions for IT service management, customer workflows, human resource (HR) service delivery, and source-to-pay. In May, the organization will be unveiling its latest set of capabilities at the annual Knowledge 2024 event for ServiceNow in Las Vegas.

SAP Emarsys Helps Miramar Group Boost CX and Customer Journeys

Wishing to elevate its CX operations, Hong Kong-based Miramar Group is tapping SAP Emarsys to harmonize its customer data from diverse business units and streamline customer journeys. A broad service-oriented conglomerate with an array of businesses including hotels, service apartments, property rentals, restaurants, and travel services in both Hong Kong and mainland China, Miramar Group is on a company-wide digital transformation, undertaking the unification of multiple IT systems and enhancing its data analysis capabilities with more structured data. Teaming with SAP Emarsys, Miramar aims to integrate customer data from various business units and leverage segmented data to streamline the different stages of the customer journey offered by the company, such as reservations and online shopping.

Mabel Ho, senior marketing manager of digital marketing at Miramar, notes that a detailed understanding of the agency’s customers underlies the foundation of its CX operations and contributes to its success. “By taking steps to better understand our customers, we can deliver tailor-made messages and the right product offerings. SAP Emarsys equips us with a data-driven landscape to enhance connections with customers through emails, paving the way toward a more enriching customer experience.”

Esmond Tong, managing director of SAP Hong Kong, concurs. “In response to the fast-paced changes in the marketplace, global brands are engaging customers on their own terms, supporting their journey and ensuring a positive experience. By leveraging SAP Emarsys, the Miramar Group and other future-proven companies are building up customer engagement across all channels and ensuring excellent experiences.”

Going forward, Miramar plans to leverage Smart Insight, the customer intelligence module of SAP Emarsys, utilizing its inherent AI modeling and machine learning (ML) capabilities to form a deeper understanding of the customer lifecycle. This solution will facilitate Miramar’s ability to segment customers into distinct groups, enabling the company to deliver highly personalized content specific to their interests.

SAP Emarsys is part of the CX portfolio of SAP, the German enterprise resource planning software giant. As the customer engagement platform for SAP CX, SAP Emarsys delivers marketing automation, personalization, and campaign orchestration in its goal to drive business outcomes. The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform is the omnichannel customer engagement solution from the SAP CX portfolio.

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