Review: CX Wins in March, Part 2

The Month of March Saw the Forging of Various Memorable CX Partnerships

Review: CX Wins in March, Part 2

On March 14, New York City-headquartered software firm Sprinklr expanded its partnership with Pune, India-based IT services and consulting company Tech Mahindra to implement an AI-first customer experience management (CXM) platform. The partnership will enable enterprises to better manage customer journeys across customer service, social media, sales, and marketing.

Vikram Nair, president of EMEA business at Tech Mahindra, said collaborating with Sprinklr will offer tangible value to customers and provide accelerated return on investment (ROI) to enterprises worldwide. Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr founder and CEO, said teaming up with Tech Mahindra will help more enterprises harness the power of AI and transform how they deliver CX.

Also on March 14, customer intelligence platform provider Dialpad broadened its partnership with T-Mobile for Business and launched Ai Recaps, an AI-powered note-taking tool that summarizes conversations, captures sentiments, and identifies actionable next steps to unlock new levels of productivity. Ai Recaps is developed on Dialpad’s DialpadGPT, a large language model (LLM) specifically designed for business conversations that leverages more than 6 billion minutes of Dialpad’s conversational data to provide customized insights. T-Mobile, as Dialpad’s exclusive operating partner in the US, can offer its business customers Dialpad’s full suite of AI-enabled benefits.

Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Dialpad, said the collaboration shows the company’s determination to bring AI’s potential to life to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. Mishka Dehghan, senior vice president of strategy, product, and solutions engineering at T-Mobile Business Group, said that bringing together T-Mobile’s 5G network and Dialpad’s new AI suite is helping businesses work smarter and close deals faster through real-time insights from every customer interaction.

On March 21, customer relationship management (CRM) company SugarCRM made known it was partnering with Mediafly, a provider of sales enablement and content management solutions, to launch Mediafly for Sugar, which provides sales reps with the tools to prepare and discover content, share it with customers, and better understand how customers engage with the information. Leveraging advanced AI, the solution tracks and optimizes content performance, customer meetings, sales content interactions, and sales performance. Customer engagement scoring then evaluates customers’ interest in the content, while analytics-based insights drive next-best actions. Additionally, gaining insights such as the most used, viewed, or shared content, allows teams to map marketing assets back to pipeline results.

Clint Oram, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Silicon Valley-based SugarCRM, said the partnership provides a one-stop shop for sales, buyer, and partner enablement content—all surfaced directly within Sugar—to empower buyers and sellers with the right content at the right time. Tony Kavadas, chief partner officer at Chicago-headquartered Mediafly, said the integration will help customer-facing teams collaborate, engage, and execute better across the customer lifecycle from a single interface.

CX insight and action platform provider SuccessKPI figured in two big partnerships during the month.

On March 20, Virginia-based analytics provider SuccessKPI cemented a partnership with San Ramon, California-headquartered Five9. The collaboration brings SuccessKPI solutions to the Five9 CX Marketplace, integrating AI-powered analytics, real-time and historical reporting, and automated action engine with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

Brian Bitsky, senior director of business development at Five9, said the “seamless” transition facilitated by SuccessKPI to Five9 empowers customers with reporting and visualizations that matter greatly to the company’s intelligent cloud contact center customers. Mike Ahnemann, head of strategic partnerships at SuccessKPI, said the collaboration with Five9 enables customers to realize cost efficiencies from cloud migration while also gaining powerful analytics and insights.

Then on March 25, SuccessKPI released a unified data and reporting solution for San Jose, California-based communications technology firm Zoom and its Zoom Contact Center. The integration among Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Phone allows contact center operators to gain access to a comprehensive view of their Zoom implementations, and prebuilt reports cover areas like call abandonment, agent performance, and customer journeys. SuccessKPI also offers a secure management layer, providing a single source of truth, the ability to customize views and metrics, and the capability to blend third-party data with Zoom Contact Center, Meetings, and Phone data.

Dave Rennyson, CEO at SuccessKPI, said achieving a differentiated CX requires comprehensible insights of contact center performance and the ability to take action in real time. Kentis Gopalla, head of phone and contact center product ecosystem at San Jose, California-based Zoom, said the partnership will help reveal powerful and useful insights for supervisors, executives, and customer service agents.

Also on March 25, San Francisco-based contact center provider Talkdesk announced a deepening partnership with Verint, the customer engagement and analytics firm headquartered in Melville, New York, to help contact centers increase CX automation and use AI to better manage workforce needs. The new offering, Verint Workforce Management for Talkdesk, integrates Verint’s automated, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) capabilities into Talkdesk CX Cloud, allowing Talkdesk customers to simplify agent forecasting and scheduling while also alleviating administrative burdens.

Wiliam Welch, president and chief operating officer at Talkdesk, said the partnership ensures that contact centers possess advanced, automated capabilities to drive operational efficiencies, improve agent experiences, and workforce effectiveness. John Bourne, senior vice president of global channels and alliances at Verint, said the collaboration will enable contact centers globally to improve workforce efficiency and elevate both CX and agent experience while reducing operational costs at the same time.

And on March 26, Acqueon, the Dallas, Texas-based provider of a real-time revenue execution platform, announced it was partnering with Cresta, the Palo Alto, California-headquartered specialist on generative AI for contact centers, to help business-to-consumer (B2C) companies engage customers and optimize customer interactions. The partnership will help businesses deliver revenue generation and recovery outcomes through omnichannel outbound engagement and enhanced customer service and retention—a combination that will allow organizations to proactively connect with customers at the right time and on their preferred channels, in a fully compliant manner.

Ping Wu, CEO at Cresta, said the solutions from the two companies will unlock a new tier of AI-enabled customer engagement technology to help businesses drive deeper connections with core customers, ultimately improving retention and driving revenue growth. Ashish Koul, CEO at Acqueon, echoed the same sentiment, saying the team-up will provide enterprises with AI technology to engage with consumers and improve an enterprise’s revenue generation and revenue recovery results.

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