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Twilio-Qualtrics Integration Supports Enriched Customer Profiles

Twilio VP of Product Management Kathryn Murphy Shares Insights on Enhanced Journey Orchestration

Twilio and Qualtrics integration

Customer engagement platform Twilio and experience management company Qualtrics announced a no-code connector that will allow for real-time data sharing and integration between the Twilio Segment customer data platform (CDP) and Qualtrics’ Experience (XiD). This creates the ability to bring in operational and experience data into one combined view.

Dash Research spoke with Kathryn Murphy, VP of Product Management for Twilio onsite at Qualtrics X4 to learn more about the advantages the integration will bring. “One of the key purposes of this integration is to create richer customer profiles. Richer profiles result in better personalization, which is what consumers are wanting. Historically, companies have been all right at collecting the data, but it’s often scattered and disconnected. Giving our customers easier ways to connect the data and develop insights will allow for those personalized experiences that consumers today demand. With this integration it can be done at scale, and in real-time,” says Murphy.

“Having our technology partner with Qualtrics adds the qualitative piece. A robust customer profile has a combination of data types and Qualtrics really helps to tease out sentiment and provide the insights that will help with recommendations,” shares Murphy.

She adds,” It also helps customers to get to the action piece faster as it can be tied into engagement and orchestration and can trigger appropriate workflows.” 

The types of data that can be combined include operational engagement data like content engagement, purchases, user logins, and cart abandonments that is all collected by Twilio Segment’s CDP, with qualitative data in Qualtrics’ XiD like customer satisfaction and effort scores. 

Twilio provides an example of customer satisfaction data from XiD being used to categorize customers into different segments. These segments can then be managed in a more tailored way, such as providing an enhanced experience for customers with a low CSAT score, in downstream marketing or service destinations.

Twilio customer Imperfect Foods has been benefiting from this integration. According to Murphy, “Imperfect Foods is a real industry disruptor and knowing how their customers are feeling about this new type of experience is of critical importance so that any needed actions and adjustments can be taken.” 

“The combination of data from Twilio Segment and Qualtrics XiD has unlocked new visibility into our customers’ experience, removing silos in our data,” says Courtney Anderegg, Lead Customer Insights Analyst at Imperfect Foods. “With detailed and consistently up-to-date customer profiles, we were able to personalize outreach and improve the quality of our product for our customers.”

Murphy emphasizes that for those tasked with managing customer data it can often be a stressful job. “We are just trying to find ways to make things easier for our customers and in turn, help them keep their customers happy. Twilio is always interested in trying to be open and using technology to connect the dots for businesses,” she says. “This Qualtrics integration is a good example.”

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