Qualtrics Introduces Employee Experience ID and Employee Journey Analytics

The Additions Aim to Help Companies Achieve a Better Understanding of Customers

Qualtrics, the provider of a cloud-based subscription software platform for experience management, announced two recent additions to a core experience module aimed at helping companies better understand the full employee journey, with the twin goals of providing valuable insight on how to address employee problems before costly turnover occurs.  

The two additions are Employee Experience ID and Employee Journey Analytics, with both products augmenting Qualtrics Employee Experience, one of the company’s four core modules that also include Brand Experience, Customer Experience, and Product Experience.

Employee Experience ID offers a unified and holistic view of every employee’s experience with the company, enabling organizations to identify trends among similar groups of employees and actions that can be taken to boost engagement and productivity. The technology helps pinpoint and fix issues that impact worker retention, engagement and productivity over time, and aids in building trusted relationships between employers and employees.

Employee Journey Analytics reveals how individual moments in an employee’s journey—including hiring, onboarding, manager interactions, technology experiences, and more—impact one another, and how they ultimately influence employee engagement and retention. A new capability powered by Employee Experience ID, Employee Journey Analytics can signal trends and risks among groups of employees across different experiences, helping employers modernize their playbooks to keep employees satisfied in their roles. 

Together, the two products are being positioned by Qualtrics as powerful tools meant to help companies recruit and retain top talent, develop workplace experiences that employees will love, and pinpoint specific moments in employee journeys that could impact engagement, motivation, and commitment.  

“Engaged employees who trust their managers are 60% more likely to stay in their jobs for the long-term,” says Brad Anderson, Qualtrics President of Products and Services. “The companies that listen and understand what matters to their employees, and show it through their actions are winning today. And they’re the ones that are set up for even more success in the future.”  

Companies Using Qualtrics

Chipotle, F5, the Essex County Council, Carle Health, and Crowne Health Care chose Qualtrics to create employee experiences that help them attract and retain the best employees and keep them productive and engaged.

Chipotle, with more than 100,000 employees and restaurants exceeding 3,000 in number, leverages Qualtrics Employee Experience to better understand what its employees desire in workplace experience. F5, a multi-cloud application security and delivery company and a Fortune Best Place to Work-certified company, uses Qualtrics to help scale its employee listening program. The Essex County Council in the UK, with more than 8,000 employees and delivering the majority of public services in the region, is partnering with Qualtrics to revitalize and reinvigorate employee engagement in the post-pandemic world. Illinois-based healthcare system Carle Health uses the Qualtrics Vaccine and Testing Manager solution to track vaccinations and testing among its nearly 12,000 employees and volunteers, replacing its previous manual input system. And family-owned Crowne Health Care in Alabama deploys Qualtrics solution to reach new levels of patient satisfaction by ensuring everyone’s voices are heard and that executives know how stakeholders feel when making key decisions. The five companies above join more than 16,750 organizations around the world that use Qualtrics to understand and take action on experience data to help attract more customers, create engaged employees, and build their brands.

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