New CX Products: Sprinklr, Five9 and Invoca, InMoment, DHS, Treatwell, and mParticle

Product Launches and New Partnerships Relate to Boosting CX Initiatives

CX product launches and partnershipss

Sprinklr Releases Rebranded Customer Service Suite

Enterprise software provider Sprinklr has unveiled a rebranded customer service product suite that includes new AI features and innovations. Sprinklr Service, formerly known as Sprinklr Modern Care, is a unified customer experience management (CXM) platform for agents to serve customers across digital, social, and voice channels seamlessly.

For this winter’s version of the product, Release 18.2, the platform has more than 650 new features spread across four Sprinklr products.

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One new feature is predictive intelligence, which analyzes customer data and identifies patterns that can predict future behavior, helping businesses anticipate and take proactive measures to identify potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities or prevent customer churn. Another innovation, AI-powered quality management, provides real-time insights on agent performance and compliance for customer conversations on all channels, enabling agents to see their AI-delivered quality scores, obtain recommendations on how to improve, and take advantage of coaching and self-learning opportunities on 100% of conversations.

Other new features include impact analysis, which lets organizations evaluate the impact of various factors on key strategic metrics, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score; and outbound voice, which allows contact centers to use AI-powered predictive dialers and conversational interactive voice response (IVR) to increase customer connection rates and reduce inbound calls, resulting in increased conversions and efficiency.

Five9 and Invoca Offer PreSense CX Solution Via Expanded Partnership

An expanded partnership will allow contact center firm Five9 to resell the PreSense solution from conversation intelligence provider Invoca. The solution, the two AI-focused companies say, gives agents deeper insight into real-time data by bestowing visibility into a caller’s digital journey even before a call takes place. Insights from PreSense help reduce call handling times, relieve customer frustration, increase contact center productivity, and enable a more fluid CX between virtual and human agents.

With PreSense, agents will see if a customer researches a specific product or responds to a particular offer online, and then be able to use the pre-call context to provide tailored recommendations. Based on pre-call journey data, customers can also be connected directly to agents with specialized product expertise to guide them through complex purchases. Routine calls, on the other hand, can be routed to a Five9 intelligent virtual agent. With the functionality, agents can maximize opportunities to personalize customer journeys and transform contact centers into strategic growth drivers, officials from both organizations say.

“The more an agent knows about a caller, the better the experience they can provide,” says Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca. “We now have a way to share rich pre-call insight directly in Five9, providing contact centers with data that reveals the exact state-of-mind of the caller.” Invoca PreSense is now generally available to customers across the US, UK, and Canada through Five9.

InMoment Unveils Solution with ChatGPT

InMoment, the provider of an experience management and intelligence platform, has launched a solution incorporating ChatGPT capabilities, powered by technology from ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

The solution, Smart Summary Generator, can intelligently transform hundreds of pieces of individual and discrete feedback into short, structured paragraphs to surface the most important topics and trends. The customer feedback is summarized through automation across different channels like reviews, contact center conversations, and surveys. Moreover, an overview of the most pressing topics can be distilled in just minutes, increasing the speed to insight.

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Smart Summary Generator can also be used to create smart feedback examples to improve text analytics accuracy and decrease the time to market for new models. The capability generates granular and highly specialized test datasets, and users can send commands to generate meaningful survey feedback examples for any specific topic.

Integrated into InMoment’s XI platform, Smart Summary Generator is the first solution in the CX industry to leverage ChatGPT capabilities, and the AI-based solution is being deployed to solve the real-world business challenges of clients, InMoment executives say.

DHS Organizes New Directorate to Work on CX Initiatives

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is establishing a permanent CX directorate office at its headquarters in Washington, D.C. this year as it works to implement a department-wide CX initiative across multiple fronts, according to official news accounts and government statements on the subject. To lead the new CX office, DHS is bringing on board Dana Chisnell, a former US Digital Service official.

The idea to establish the CX directorate stems from recommendations approved by the Homeland Security Advisory Council in December, says Eric Hysen, DHS chief information officer. During a March 16 meeting of the council, Hysen says the permanent office is already attracting “key talent” to the department’s CX work.

To establish the new directorate, DHS is requesting $10 million in its fiscal 2024 budget, according to budget justification documents that have been released. The directorate will lead CX activities across five areas: design and experience operations; policy, guidance, and data; community engagement and partnerships; plain language and language access; and service delivery.

“With this investment, DHS will identify and address customer pain points through human-centered research, design, usability testing, and customer feedback,” the budget documents state. “These curated solutions will be component-resourced and will implement modern technologies with a goal of reducing data burdens on external customers, and improve the overall customer experience for internal and external individuals and organizations interacting with DHS.”

Treatwell Partners with mParticle to Personalize Experiences

Treatwell, the largest appointment booking platform for hair and beauty services in Europe, has chosen New York City-based mParticle to deliver better digital experiences and implement personalization at scale.

Managing 100 million appointments each year and supporting 150,000 stylists each day in more than 50,000 salons across 13 European countries, London-based Treatwell was finding it increasingly difficult to leverage data for customer engagement. Personalizing campaigns also was becoming a highly manual and time-consuming process. mParticle’s customer data platform (CDP) helped overcome those challenges while also creating a 360-degree view of customers, making it possible for Treatwell to deliver a consistent and personalized experience to clients, according to the company.

mParticle also helped Treatwell understand how its customers were engaging across the brand’s websites and apps. With a unified customer data set available in mParticle, Treatwell has been able to eliminate the time-consuming process of manually collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data, instead using mParticle to build campaign segments for orchestration across channels. mParticle is also helping Treatwell in safeguarding the company’s data privacy requirements and in building customer trust for the long term, both companies confirm.

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