Dialpad, Glassbox, Tattle, and Qualtrics Launch New CX Offerings

Announcements Focus on Insights, VoC, Healthcare Ratings, Benchmarking, and Quality Management

Customer experience product launches

The collection and management of data is integral to companies aspiring to provide positive experience for customers. Four new solution announcements have the common tie of leveraging data to create actionable insights to improve upon CX.

Dialpad Launches a Predictive Engine

Dialpad, Inc., a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered communication and collaboration, introduced Ai CSAT, a real-time, predictive engine for customer satisfaction. Ai CSAT analyzes each customer call as part of the Dialpad TrueCaaS platform, providing data collection and live analysis without customers filling out a survey.

“Dialpad Ai CSAT makes our agents more aware of how they present themselves and raises the performance bar within our contact center, because even if the customer does not fill out the survey, the interaction still generates customer feedback,” says Rena Bishop, Information Technology Supervisor at Human-I-T, an Ai CSAT end user. “We speak to hundreds of customers each month but receive very few responses to our customer feedback survey. Now, with Ai CSAT from Dialpad, we can easily check the predictive rate in real-time and combine with the survey responses for a more complete picture. Our customer service department loves it because it gives us feedback without inconveniencing the customer.”

This more comprehensive and potentially more representative data flow can be used to decrease agent ramp time, improve coaching, and lower customer churn. Early-access customers of the product have seen as much as a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores within the first three weeks of use. 

“For the first time ever, companies of any size can obtain CSAT scores from every voice conversation rather than depending on a handful of customers to complete traditional, post-call surveys,” says Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad. “With our pioneering Customer Intelligence solutions, including the recent launches of AI-powered Customer EngagementConversational Ai, and now Ai CSAT, Dialpad Ai Contact Center is easily five years ahead of anything in the market today.”

Glassbox adds VoC to its Digital Intelligence Platform

At Glassbox’s annual user conference, DigitalWorld, the company announced a new voice of the customer (VoC) offering, which will be embedded into its Digital Experience Intelligence platform.  Customers will now have the option to have a feedback channel that can be combined with digital experience analytics in one platform. Third party platform/VoC integrations will continue to be supported.

“Our comprehensive approach to digital experience with VoC integration will deliver next level insights to help companies align their business goals with consumers’ needs. At the same time, we value our industry partnerships and will continue to work to provide enterprise level VoC integrations and support for customers with third-party platforms,” says Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern.

By having VoC in one platform, companies will be able to link feedback to the specific replay of a session, so a view of everything the user experienced can be seen, showing the path leading up to the feedback, as well as during and after. This helps to determine the root cause of the issue, question, or positive comment. Feedback can be collected in real time using both free text or specific requests such as NPS or CSAT.

Tattle Offers Benchmarking Platform for Restaurants

Tattle, a provider of CX improvement software for restaurants and hospitality companies, launched quarterly benchmarking reports for their brand partners, which will allow customers to see their strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors so they can make operational improvements. Tattle’s feedback platform can collect feedback and rate satisfaction across all digital ordering channels, leveraging AI to point out where companies should focus on first. Its Industry Benchmarking Reports use data from Tattle’s data bank, which included more than 1.3 billion data points for 160+ brands and 10,000+ locations.

“Tattle has been a great tool for us to better understand where we have opportunities to improve our guest experience,” says Jennifer Faren, VP of Marketing at Tattle customer Hopdoddy Burger Bar. “These benchmarking reports help us understand the context of our score improvements – so that we know we’re always ahead in the game even if every fast casual brand in the playing field is collectively raising the bar of guest expectations.”

Qualtrics Introduces Quality Management (Qualtrics QM)

A new AI-powered and human-assisted quality assurance solution from Qualtrics connects insights on customer needs, agent effectiveness, and overall performance so that action can be taken quickly to improve customer experience.

The system uses Qualtrics’ patent-pending Intelligent Scoring tool that can tease out the key factors in measuring customer services success, such as problem resolution, friendliness, or compliance and then score the interactions in real time. Additionally, an integration with Qualtrics XM Discovers allows for all interactions, structured and unstructured, to be analyzed and scored. As scores occur, customer service teams can then connect to internal workflows to allow for automatic escalations, alerts, and notification of appropriate team members. Coaching recommendations are also automatically suggested.

“Contact center teams must transform their quality assurance and agent coaching programs in order to increase customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness while reducing operational costs and compliance risk,” says Fabrice Martin, Chief Product Officer for Qualtrics Customer Care. “No other solution brings together every customer interaction, whether it is handled by an agent or a bot, on a single platform with automatic Intelligent Scoring, coaching insight and integrated workflows needed to provide real-time Quality Management at scale.”

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