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CX Insights and Feedback News from Chatmeter, Momentive, Qualtrics, SANDSIV, Tattle, and Uberall

Review Management, Survey Trends, Partnerships, Insights to Action, and Hospitality Feedback Are Topic Areas

Customer insights and feedback roundup

Chatmeter Enhances Platform

Chatmeter announced additional features for its marketing and online reputation management platform designed to improve customer loyalty and enable real-time CX responsiveness. Actions and enhancements include:

  • Partnership with TripAdvisor for monitoring online reviews and listings. Qualified Chatmeter customers can  review sub-ratings to see what their clients say about specific aspects of their business.
  • Integration with Community Rewards, a resident loyalty platform designed to increase renter satisfaction and improve the ability of property managers to monitor listings and renter reviews, and respond to those reviews.

“At Chatmeter, we are committed to deep listening; not only do we empower our clients to hear their customers, respond to their needs, and incorporate the resulting insights into broader business initiatives, but we also practice what we preach and deeply listen to our own customers’ needs,” says Cynthia Sener, Chatmeter’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Momentive Releases State of Surveys Report

Momentive has released data gleaned from its first ever State of Surveys Report, which shows trends seen via the use of SurveyMonkey. These findings point to trends that are shaping, or should shape, approaches to EX and CX feedback. Particularly relevant data points include:

  • Gender options in surveys have significantly changed in the past decade. The percentage of surveys with gender questions that include more than two gender options has quadrupled from 16.4% to 64.0% in the past decade.
  • From June 2020 to November 2022, DEI is consistently mentioned in nearly 4% of all U.S. surveys on SurveyMonkey, and shows no signs of waning.
  • Globally, the percentage of surveys taken on mobile in 4Q 2022 (56.6%) already far exceed those taken on non-mobile devices (40.2%), a trend that sees no signs of slowing down. The U.S. is an outlier, lagging far behind all other countries in mobile survey-taking in 4Q 2022 (43.7% in the U.S. versus 64.0% rest of world).

“The questions people choose to ask can tell us so much more than you might expect,” says Laura Wronski, director of research at Momentive. “Our customers turn to surveys to answer tough questions about everything from customer experience to employee engagement to brand sentiment. In doing so, they reveal how our collective language, priorities, and expectations are continuously evolving. This report is our way of sharing the unique insights that piqued our curiosity through the years, with the hope that it inspires you to come up with new questions to gain deep insights.”

Qualtrics Partners with Bond; Launches XM Platform Enhancements

Bond and Qualtrics have announced a business partnership that will enable Bond to become certified to perform implementation services on the Qualtrics platform for their EX and CX customers. Bond is a CX loyalty and growth firm that will be leveraging its abilities in strategy and guidance in combination with the Qualtrics Customer XM to provide clients deeper understanding and abilities to act on customer feedback coming in from a variety of channels and most importantly enhancing abilities to see the highest priority insights so action can be taken.

“Incorporating real time measurement and analytics into an overall CX strategy is table stakes,” says Morana Bakula, EVP, Strategy & Solutions at Bond Brand Loyalty. “As our counsel to clients grows in this area, we are adding to our delivery capabilities with Qualtrics, the leading world-class technology platform provider. This partnership furthers our mission to provide leading brands long-term, customer-centric growth.” 

“A single bad experience—like an error at checkout or a frustrating customer care conversation—can result in a lost customer and lost revenue,” says Aaron McGarry, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Qualtrics. “We are excited to partner closely with Bond to help their clients deliver breakthrough customer and employee experiences with our powerful CX and EX platforms.”

In other Qualtrics news, the company laid out some enhancements to the Qualtrics XM platform, and also shared that the platform has reached 10 billion Experience iDs–a growth rate of 100% year over year. According to the company, this makes it the largest human sentiment database in the world.

Enhancements announced to the Qualtrics XM platform include:

  • An improved XiD dashboard that allows for more flexibility to connect and pull in diverse types of data including transactional data such as visits and purchases; demographic data including age, geography, income level; and other experiential information such as sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent. This can help identify key trends and gaps and get to actionable insights faster.
  • The company is also deepening the integration between XiD and xFlow, Qualtrics’ workflow automation engine. The new XiD-powered workflows allow organizations to automatically trigger personalized engagement and outreach. Workflows can be triggered based on changes in customer contact information, transaction data, or changes in customer segment membership.

“In a tightening economy, companies are looking for efficient, at-a-glance insights that can provide unique perspectives at scale so they can get to know their customers on a deeper level and automatically deliver tailored experiences,” says Brad Anderson, Qualtrics President of Products and Engineering. “The breadth of data captured within XiD paired with its AI capabilities ensure incredible scale, empowering companies to connect the dots across each touchpoint of a user’s journey to uncover the insights needed to take quick and targeted action.”

SANDSIV Enhances Partner Program

CXM and VoC solutions provider SANDSIV has expanded its Partner Program, enabling partners in the EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America regions to offer its products, allowing the company to enter new markets. Reselling, consulting, and technology are the partnership types available in the program. SANDSIV helps to support its chosen partners with sales, customer service, and IT training; professional certification as sandsiv+ users; and a dedicated department purposely designed for them.

“Our new program is already proving successful, as we are working on closing several contracts with new partners across the globe, expanding our footprint in EMEA, South America, and APAC. We are excited to see how our program will help our partners meet their business goals through our fully integrated enterprise-grade – end-to-end – Voice of the Customer software solution and deep industry expertise,” says Frank R. Warnsing, Head of Strategic Alliances and SANDSIV co-founder.

Tattle Integrates with Loyalty and Engagement Platform Como

Tattle, a customer feedback management provider focused on hospitality, has launched an integration with Como, a loyalty, offer, and engagement platform that is also focused on restaurants and hospitality. The partnership combines the deep customer interaction views across multiple touchpoints that are gathered from the Como platform with Tattle’s capabilities in unearthing important operational improvements. The partnership is starting through the company’s work with Chill-N and Tarka Indian kitchen.

Benefits of the Tattle integration include:

  • Automated post-transaction survey distribution to guests for optimal engagement
  • Pre-populated survey with transaction data to ensure 90%+ survey completion rate of 50 questions
  • Statistically significant guest feedback volume for reliable identification of high-impact areas for improvement
  • More opportunity for guest recovery methods to extend hospitality beyond restaurants walls

Tattle’s customer feedback platform is built with an open API, and can collect guest feedback and get a gauge on satisfaction across all-digital ordering channels. The company already has nearly 30 integration partners across POS, digital ordering, and loyalty sectors. AI is used to identify and recommend the highest impact areas of improvement that will have the most positive effect on guest satisfaction.

“Tattle’s technology has been a game changer for the restaurant industry, because it sheds light on historically ambiguous feedback data that often leaves operations teams clueless as to how to improve,” says Tattle CEO/Founder, Alex Beltrani. “We’re excited to continue our growth and partner with thousands of restaurants across the country, empowering them with the best Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) tool that truly bridges the gap between their operations teams and their customers.”

Review Generation Added to Uberall Suite

Uberall has expanded its review management offering by adding Review Generation. This feature enables business to garner more reviews by inviting customers, via email or text, to leave a review for a specific location visited. This enhancement ties in with the company’s review management suite that helps businesses gain location-specific insights, as well as monitor and respond to reviews and analyze sentiment.

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She brings more than 20 years of experience in technology research and marketing; prior to her current role, she was a Research Analyst at Omdia, authoring market and ecosystem reports on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and User Interface technologies. Sherril was previously Manager of Market Research at Intrado Life and Safety, providing competitive analysis and intelligence, business development support, and analyst relations.

Sherril holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing from University of Colorado, Boulder and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University.


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