CX Customer Wins for Vonage, SAP Emarsys, Twilio, Concentrix Brazil, and Genesys

Partnerships Benefit KDDI, FC Bayern, Camping World, Viasat Brazil, and Rabobank

Vonage is Chosen by KDDI Web Communications to Advance Digital Transformation and Customer Engagement for Businesses in Japan

Cloud communications provider Vonage announced a new collaboration with KDDI Web Communications to bring the Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) to customers in Japan, targeting this autumn.

The collaboration will see Tokyo-based KDDI moving its business to Vonage to provide new and broader forms of communication. Leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of Vonage as a pioneer in Japan’s communications as a platform (CPaaS) market, KDDI plans to start the trial service provision of Vonage communications solutions to advance digital transformation and customer engagement in Japan.

To date, KDDI Web Communications has made support available for a wide range of cloud communications solutions to customers for many use cases, including the rapid development of large-scale contact centers, the deployment of two-factor verification by SMS, and promotion of online sales tools through the use of video calls during the pandemic.

Using VCP will allow KDDI to integrate its capabilities in video, voice, chat, messaging, AI, and verification into existing products, workflows, and systems. The integration will enable businesses to transform how they communicate and operate, while also providing them with the flexibility to create meaningful engagements.

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“We’re excited to partner with KDDI Web Communications to enable more businesses in Japan to take advantage of Vonage’s customer engagement platform,” says Tetsuro Nishimura, the Vonage country manager for Japan. “This partnership not only offers us a great opportunity to innovate and grow together in Japan, but also to enable more businesses to differentiate themselves and create meaningful connections, conversations, and engagements with customers.”

Founded in 2001 in the US, Vonage serves more than 120,000 business customers and has a global community of more than 1 million registered developers. Vonage solutions have facilitated transformative projects for multiple startups and established companies across Asia, including Carousell, PT. Telekomunikasi, Kakao, Doctor Anywhere, Manulife, PUBG Corporation, Insung Information, and Spacely.

SAP Emarsys Drafted by FC Bayern

SAP Emarsys, the provider of an omnichannel customer engagement platform, is partnering with football club FC Bayern  to deliver a “one-fan experience” that engages and rewards supporters around the world. 

The partnership enables Bayern, the German professional sports club based in Munich, to centralize and analyze customer data to gain a better understanding of each fan, and to furnish personalized content across every fan touchpoint—from online and physical stores to club memberships, stadiums, apps, and magazines. Such a move would allow Bayern to reach fans in real time and to engage with the club in a more meaningful and personal way, Bayern executives say.  

The club has an existing fan base of more than 63 million worldwide, according to Michael Fichtner, CIO at Bayern. “A big-game player like SAP Emarsys allows us to break the deadlock of data silos and establish a more centralized, integrated approach to our outreach infrastructure.”

Sara Richter, CMO at SAP Emarsys, describes the partnership as a natural fit. “Fans truly love their sports team, and a football club has a unique opportunity when it comes to driving loyalty,” Richter points out. “In a sport notorious for its unpredictability and the speed at which circumstances can change, it is essential to optimize engagement by knowing how a fan will behave on or around match days and beyond. Whether they win or lose, FC Bayern must be given the power to engage with its fans at the perfect time. And now they can.”

SAP has been the official business software solutions partner of Bayern since 2014. As part of this partnership, SAP supports the club in a wide range of activities in various areas, such as the migration and optimization of business processes. 

Twilio is Selected by RV Retailer Camping World

Customer engagement platform provider Twilio is powering the personalized campaigns of Camping World, enabling the largest US retailer of recreational vehicles (RVs) to better reach customers who wish to enjoy the RV and outdoor lifestyle.

Serving millions of customers in the US, Camping World uses a comprehensive data strategy for its many different digital properties. An important part of that strategy is Twilio Segment, the customer data platform (CDP) that enables the RV retailer to not only improve data collection but also to increase its conversion rate by 35% and decrease the cost-per-lead on paid media channels by 16%.

By leveraging Twilio Segment’s products, Camping World is also able to communicate with customers intelligently through personalized messages based on online behavior by using
Twilio Engage, retain its highest-value customers by keeping them engaged through personalized customer journeys, and utilize the insights learned from data collection to build better products for customers.

“With Twilio Segment on board we’re able to simplify data inconsistencies and consolidate customers across our websites and mobile apps,” says Brad Greene, senior director of marketing technology at Camping World. “This better understanding of who our customers are enables us to focus on being a resource and the one-stop shop for our customers’ RV needs.”

Concentrix Brazil Partners with Viasat Brazil

The Brazilian operations of California-based firms Concentrix and Viasat have teamed up in a CX initiative to improve the consumer experience. Using the AI and analytics solutions of CX provider Concentrix Brazil, satellite communications company Viasat Brazil is able to evaluate and record all contacts with customers, delve into specific cases to support business decisions, and evolve overall quality of service.

Daiane Fontes, director of operations at Concentrix Brazil, describes the partnership as one of connection. “We are convinced that with the innovative technologies of a global company like Concentrix, which cultivates a qualified and engaged team with a strong culture, we will improve the experience of Viasat consumers, who become ours too, from this partnership of success,” Fontes remarks.

Rafael Vaz, CX director at Viasat Brazil, says confidence and satisfaction characterize the partnership. “We believe that Concentrix solutions will benefit the customer base of Viasat Brazil, resulting in consistency and an even greater stimulus to become a global reference within Viasat itself,” Vaz notes.

The parent companies of both organizations are well established. Concentrix is a global provider of CX solutions for more than 130 Fortune Global 500 companies and 125 new economy customers. Viasat is a global telecommunications company that is developing the ultimate global telecommunications network to provide fast, secure, affordable, high-quality connections to impact people’s lives on land, in the air, or at sea.

Genesys Transforms Dutch Financial Services Company Rabobank

Genesys, the global cloud leader in experience orchestration headquartered in Daly City, California, has transformed Rabobank, the customer-focused cooperative bank in the Netherlands, into a digital banking force.

Through the Genesys Cloud CX platform, Rabobank is evolving away from on-premises solutions and implementing instead a cloud-first CX strategy, in the process creating a novel conversational banking service model for the Dutch market. Shifting from voice to digital-first conversational banking has resulted in greater convenience and customer satisfaction rates of 90% and above for digital channels.

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The Genesys platform has also enabled Rabobank to gain scale and meet consumer expectations for fast, personalized service; providing Rabobank with the technical foundation to orchestrate CX and EX across self- and human-assisted interactions; and increased Rabobank’s velocity of innovation for a competitive edge.

The bank achieved the goals above by introducing two virtual assistants via the Genesys Open Bot connector that answers approximately 45% of all questions around the clock. Rabobank also implemented new channel strategies, resulting in a 5% increase in web messaging volume and allowing agents to serve more customers without increasing headcount.

Headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the Rabobank organization consists of 89 branches, a centralized organization, and specialized international offices. As a financial services provider, it focuses on the food, beverage, and agriculture sectors.

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