Customer Wins for SugarCRM, MoEngage, AskNicely, Talkdesk, and Redpoint Global

Wins Benefit Funds2Orgs, Induslnd Bank, Lendmark Financial, and Sanitas USA

Customer experience wins and case studies

SugarCRM Partners with Funds2Orgs in Shoe Drive and Entrepreneurship Mission

SugarCRM, the Silicon Valley-based provider of a customer relationship management (CRM) system, is teaming up with Funds2Orgs in its mission of putting shoes on the feet of the less fortunate while also helping support micro-entrepreneurship to provide people with a path to prosperity.

Sugar is furnishing Florida-headquartered Funds2Orgs, a major US shoe-drive fundraising social enterprise, with a central platform to manage engagement with its nonprofit partners. For its part, Funds2Orgs will use Sugar as a lead-generation tool to identify new fundraising partners. Sugar funnels the data collected by Funds2Orgs into a nurture or monthly drip campaign, unburdening its teams from the task so they can concentrate on fundraising initiatives.

“Sugar has freed up to 50% of our coaches’ time,” says Courtney Eaton, president of logistics at Funds2Orgs. “We have automated the development and dissemination of lead emails, so coaches now have more time to speak with new partners and discuss their needs directly. Sugar’s all-in-one platform helps us engage and recruit nonprofits seeking funds while further accelerating our impact on creating opportunities for families in developing countries without government aid.”

To date, Funds2Orgs has helped 20,000 nonprofits orchestrate shoe drives, providing inventory to more than 4,000 micro-entrepreneurs in 26 developing countries worldwide, who then sell the shoes to support their families financially. Funds2Orgs has also contributed more than $11 million in fundraising for nonprofits, helping them reach their own missions, while keeping millions of shoes out of landfills.

MoEngage Pairs with Induslnd Bank

MoEngage, the San Francisco-based provider of a customer engagement platform, is in a strategic partnership with India’s Induslnd Bank to deliver a differentiated customer journey experience for the Mumbai-headquartered specialist in retail banking services. As part of the partnership, Induslnd Bank will leverage MoEngage’s technology platform to curate personalized content and recommendations across the various channels where the bank’s customers spend most of their time.

Charu Mathur, head of digital banking and strategy at IndusInd, says the bank has always been at the helm of driving responsive innovation. “With this factor at the core, we have on-boarded MoEngage as it has the ability to drive personalization through real-time and actionable insights,” Mathur notes. “This novel and unique insights-led approach gives the bank the ability to engage with its customers meaningfully while cutting down time-to-market to half, compared to other customer engagement platforms.”

Yash Reddy, chief business officer of Asia-Pacific and EMEA at MoEngage, says the company will use its banking industry knowledge and digital capabilities to deliver highly personalized experiences for Induslnd Bank customers. “With the growing importance of millennials and Gen Z customers, we are seeing financial institutions steer their focus towards them by developing differentiated digital engagement strategies,” Reddy adds.

AskNicely and Lendmark Seek to Elevate  CX

AskNicely, the Portland, Oregon-based provider of CX software for service businesses, has been chosen by consumer finance firm Lendmark Financial Services to work with its employees to elevate and deliver exceptional CX. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Lendmark will use the AskNicely Frontline Success Platform to track market trends in finance, spur coaching conversations, and recognize deserving employees.

During a 90-day pilot period, use of the AskNicely solution enabled Lendmark to increase its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 15 points on average throughout the company’s countrywide locations. Since then, Frontline Success has been rolled out to 450 Lendmark branches, providing teams quick access to customer feedback and insights.

“Implementing a new program or technology into a large business with hundreds of branches can often be met with resistance, yet the opposite has been true with the AskNicely implementation,” says Ethan Andelman, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Lendmark. “As a community-focused, relationship-based business, Lendmark values our customers’ recommendations, and we will use their feedback to spur further company growth and even better customer relations.”

Nilfisk Chooses Talkdesk Contact Center Solution

Cloud contact center provider Talkdesk is collaborating with system integrator NetNordic Denmark to deliver a contact center solution for Nilfisk, the Danish supplier of professional cleaning equipment and products to industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

San Francisco-based Talkdesk will provide Nilfisk with a variety of solutions. Talkdesk CX Cloud will provide the Danish maker, whose products are sold in more than 100 countries, with an end-to-end CX solution that can grow with the company at scale. Talkdesk Quality Management will enable Nilfisk to deploy intelligent contact monitoring and reporting for a more holistic view of customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Talkdesk QM Assist will automate the quality management process with searchable transcripts and sentiment analysis, aimed at supporting real-time coaching opportunities for the Nilfisk team of customer care agents working across global regions. And Talkdesk for Salesforce will streamline operations while maintaining personalized engagement across channels.

“We aim to provide seamless experiences across every touchpoint for our customers,” says Ben Quirk, vice president of customer care for US and Europe at Nilfisk. “Monitoring those contact touch points to support our agents in delivering the best experience possible is an integral part of our customer commitment.” 

Redpoint Global and Lucerna Health Join Forces and Help Propel Growth for Sanitas USA

The partnership between customer data platform (CDP) provider Redpoint Global and Lucerna Health, the value-based care (VBC) provider headquartered in Florida, is driving growth and patient engagement to new highs at Sanitas USA, a multinational health organization present in Spain, Latin America, the Philippines, and in 28 US medical centers in Florida, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Redpoint’s omnichannel personalization solutions, paired with Lucerna’s data management platform, combine to form an integrated offering that healthcare organizations can use for their digital transformation initiatives. Lucerna also operates personalized and relevant patient outreach campaigns on behalf of Sanitas, matching patients and doctors, optimizing provider capacity, and prioritizing provider availability to high-need, high-value patient segments. Since implementation of the integrated solution, Sanitas says 86% of chronic care patients have selected and engaged with a primary care provider, while 75% of established patients have completed their annual wellness visit—both important metrics that will directly impact value-based care outcomes.

Dale Renner, chairman and CEO of Redpoint Global, praises Lucerna Health for being focused on supporting healthcare groups liked Sanitas and for providing value. Even so, Renner sounds a note of caution for players in the healthcare space looking to evolve their healthcare CX.

“Healthcare payers and providers need to be clear on the purpose of their digital transformation investment, where it fits with previous technology investments, and how they are going to use technology to drive results,” Renner notes. “Lucerna’s expertise helps our joint clients succeed as they take a long-term view of deployment, adoption and continuous improvement.”

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