Customer Wins for Salesforce, Qualtrics, mParticle, Tata CS, and Reputation

Collaborations Benefit Bose, POS Malaysia, UK’s Channel 4, Stellantis, and Renault

CX customer wins and case studies

In this roundup, the customer wins are palpable and international in character. For US experience management provider Qualtrics, its new customer is no less than the Malaysian postal service. With the UK’s Channel 4, help came across the Atlantic through mParticle  in New York City. India’s Tata Consultancy Services is at the helm of CX transformation at Amsterdam-based Stellantis. And for Renault, California-based Reputation is the vendor of choice to manage the online reputation of the storied French carmaker. The lone collaboration between two wholly domestic entities, Salesforce and Bose, also kicks off this roundup, shown immediately below.

Salesforce to Amp Up Bose CX

Salesforce says its Customer 360 platform will be deployed by premium audio brand Bose to deliver personalized CX and service as Bose seeks to expand its robust direct-to-consumer (D2C) business.

With 360, the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software of Salesforce, Massachusetts-based Bose will be implementing various Salesforce solutions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for instance, will streamline interactions across channels for Bose, and the Customer Data Platform within Marketing Cloud will enable Bose to enhance its customer data for even more personalized engagement. For Bose customer-facing teams, the audio equipment manufacturer is implementing Salesforce Service Cloud to elevate the brand, best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio products, and automobile sound systems. Bose will also be deploying three other Salesforce solutions: Commerce Cloud to drive digital sales and help accelerate revenue growth; MuleSoft to connect Bose back-end systems; and Einstein to achieve hyper-personalization.

“Customer experience is at the center of everything we do,” says Jim Mollica, chief marketing officer at Bose. “With Salesforce, we will be taking our digital footprint to a different level—making it easier for customers to immerse themselves in the brand and delivering highly personalized, premium shopping and service experiences. We know this is critical to enhancing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.”

Qualtrics Joins Forces with Malaysia’s Postal Service

Qualtrics is partnering with Pos Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia’s national postal service, on a new CX program to enhance the agency’s operational efficiency and deliver superior CX at scale. Using the experience management capabilities offered by Qualtrics, Pos Malaysia will be standardizing its CX platforms to create a single program to capture and act on customer feedback across all touchpoints and channels.

The initiative will provide the postal service with continuous real-time visibility into current and emerging issues alike, and data segmentation capabilities will enable the service to categorize the needs of its service constituents by geography, demographics, channel, and engagement. Pos Malaysia says the result will be quick action when the service responds to customer needs across a network encompassing more than 900 branches and 11 subsidiaries. The partnership overall will be essential as the agency works to modernize and expand its services and offerings. 

The new customer and brand experience program will be implemented in partnership with Kantar, the London-based data analytics and brand consulting company and a Qualtrics partner, which is providing delivery and advisory services alongside brand and CX service elements.

mParticle to Speed Up Digital Growth for UK’s Channel 4

New York-based mParticle, the mobile customer data platform (CDP) provider, has been selected by Channel 4, the free-to-air public service television network in the UK, to accelerate digital growth for the British media outfit, and set it on a path to thrive in the digital age.

Channel 4 provides the UK’s biggest free streaming service, All 4, plus a network of 12 television channels. With its goal of doubling down on digital growth, Channel 4 needs a comprehensive view into customer data to introduce new binge-worthy on-demand programs and diversify revenue sources. By 2025, the company aims to double viewing across its All 4 service, raise digital advertising to 30% of total revenue, and increase new revenue streams to at least 10% of total revenue.

To support Channel 4 in making the data-driven decisions necessary to power growth, mParticle will deploy its customer data infrastructure and offer pre-existing integrations with many of Channel 4’s marketing partners, helping Channel 4 understand its return on investment (ROI) and drive maximum value from its digital marketing spend. Based on these integrations, Channel 4 will be able to onboard new partners without additional lead time for development, and quickly integrate data from that partner across 15 different platforms. Group Transform Omnichannel Customer Experience in Brazil and

Tata Consultancy Services Teams Up with Stellantis to Streamline CX

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the IT services and consulting company from India headquartered in Mumbai, helped transform the CX and customer journey for Stellantis, the multinational automotive manufacturing firm based in Amsterdam, with a more streamlined and personalized sales and service experience across channels. Stellantis, whose brands include Fiat, Jeep, RAM, Peugeot, and Citroen, had chosen TCS to help modernize its legacy customer relationship management applications.

TCS helped more than 1,000 dealers in Brazil and Argentina migrate from a legacy CRM platform that supported customer care processes to an omnichannel platform based on Salesforce, using contextual knowledge and experience gained over previously successful customer care initiatives that TCS had carried out for Stellantis in North America and Europe. Following the migration, the platform reimagines the customer journey and is able to provide insights on individual customer needs, recurrence, and history.

TCS engineered the transformation in just 18 months and included an implementation roadmap in which global standard processes for connected vehicle integration scaled to more than 20 lines of business, operating alongside an ecosystem that integrated more than 60 suppliers and divisions in Brazil and Argentina, two of the largest markets for Stellantis in South America. The collaboration with TCS has helped Stellantis improve customer communications, anticipate demand, and offer personalized experiences for customers of the automotive manufacturer.

Reputation is Renault’s Vendor of Choice

Reputation, the CX firm and reputation manager from Redwood City, California, is the vendor of choice to manage the online reputation of Renault, the French automotive firm and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Renault chose Reputation for its CX programs, and Reputation has started implementing voice-of-customer (VoC) feedback across the French automaker’s new car sales, aftersales, and post-customer call center interactions to provide a full picture of customer experiences. Reputation currently supports Renault teams across 48 countries, with plans to bring the Reputation platform to more markets in the future.  

“The global automotive industry is more competitive than ever, making it critical to take our CX program to the next level, especially when managing digital customer interactions,” says Marc Le Gratiet, director of service satisfaction at Renault. “Reputation’s platform offers an innovative, 360-degree view of where our brand performs well, and where we may need to improve throughout the customer journey. We are delighted to partner over the next several years to optimize Renault’s customer experience.” 

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