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Customer Wins for Cognizant, Freshworks, Oracle, MoEngage, and Lattice

Wins Include Volkswagen Ireland, KoinWorks, Hibbett, NorthLadder, and Finance Services

CX customer wins and case studies

Cognizant is Engaged by Volkswagen Ireland to Transform Digital CX 

Global IT and services provider Cognizant will help transform the digital CX at Volkswagen Group Ireland (VWG) by re-engineering the carmaker’s legacy contact center platform and outfitting it with omnichannel functionality.

Saddled with siloed customer engagement processes and channels, VWG Ireland needed to unify its legacy contact center functionalities and streamline customer service to reduce maintenance costs, cut down time-consuming manual aggregation of customer data, and improve efficiency. Through the new partnership, Cognizant will implement a fully digital, cloud-based omnichannel CX platform to modernize VWG customer engagement and provide a unified user interface for agents that will combine customer data, context, journeys, and interaction channels.

Cognizant will also provide VWG Ireland with advanced insights into customer journeys and conversations aimed at improving reporting, advancing business decisions, driving next-best actions, and providing personalized CX.

“Cognizant’s mission is to transform OEMs, suppliers, dealers, and automotive finance companies into modern enterprises,” says Rohit Gupta, Cognizant managing director for the UK and Ireland. “The program is a first of its kind for Cognizant and Volkswagen, combining powerful CX capabilities of CRM, digital, and voice in the cloud.”

Wholly owned by Volkswagen AG, VWG is Ireland’s biggest automotive company, and also works in partnership with nearly 130 franchise retailers across the country.

KoinWorks Levels Up Customer Support with Freshworks

The Indonesian neobank KoinWorks is reporting increased satisfaction among customers after teaming up with Freshworks and using its Freshdesk solution to provide quick and efficient service.

Originally a fintech startup established in 2016, KoinWorks saw its daily volume of customer queries across multiple channels climb to nearly 28,000 between 2021 and 2022 as the company grew. KoinWorks typically interacted with customers through phone calls, live chat apps such as WhatsApp, and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. However, the company wanted a system that united all its support conversations so that agents could handle the large volume of incoming queries with greater efficiency.

With Freshworks, support agents today are now able to access customer queries within one platform and reduce the time it takes to resolve cases by a dramatic 195% on average. KoinWorks is also leveraging Freshdesk’s analytics and reporting features to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) on the day-to-day operations of customer service teams, which is proving helpful in understanding the quality of service that customers receive and highlights areas needing improvement. KoinWorks customer satisfaction scores have increased overall by 60%.

Hibbett and Oracle Pair Up to Improve In-Store Shopping Experiences

Athletic fashion retailer Hibbett Retail has adopted Oracle’s Retail Cloud platform to deliver more personalized interactions that support customer loyalty and sales. With Oracle upgrading its mobile Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service systems and adding Oracle Retail Store Inventory Operations Cloud Service, Hibbett associates will have accurate views of available merchandise across channels and be able to serve customers from anywhere in the store, Alabama-based Hibbett says in a statement.

Moreover, Hibbett is moving to Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Service and Oracle Retail Order Broker. Hibbett has also selected Oracle Retail Assortment Planning Cloud to help in placing the appropriate assortment of footwear, apparel, and accessories at the right store locations for the best chances of attracting and retaining customers.

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“By continuing to partner with Oracle, we can tap into the continuous delivery model of the cloud and reduce our investments in data centers,” says Ron Blahnik, senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO) of Hibbett Retail. “The additional IT capacity allows us to focus more energy on supporting our business needs as we extend our market reach and as customer expectations continue to grow and evolve.”

NorthLadder Picks MoEngage to Convey Its Message

When NorthLadder wanted to engage with customers about the value that remained in used electronic devices, it turned to customer engagement firm MoEngage to spread the word.

NorthLadder, the Dubai-based digital trading platform, also wished to build a customer journey in which used mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches could be offered up for sale and bought at an instant “best price.” The platform connects sellers of used electronic devices to a global network of more than 200 dealers competing to offer the best price for the device. With the strategy, NorthLadder hopes to garner a 100% increase in online traffic and a 4x increase in its return on investments(ROI).

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NorthLadder launched its trading platform with the premise that old electronic devices should be evaluated in a transparent manner, valued fairly, and paid for immediately. The NorthLadder service is available across all seven emirates that make up the federation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the company offers a device pick-up service for free, as well as a certified data wipe service for privacy and security purposes. NorthLadder has also partnered with more than 600 retail stores in the region where customers can sell their devices.

“[Used] devices collect dust and contribute to the growing amount of e-waste on our planet. So, to make our customers aware, we ensured that our messaging remained crisp and clear, educating our customers with weekly fact-based e-mails about e-waste and why storing a device can be harmful,” says Lalit Ratnala, director of digital and growth at NorthLadder. “Our aim with MoEngage is to continue sending these messages in interactive and innovative ways and utilize different channels like push notifications.”

Lattice Makes Headway in Financial Services

Lattice, the San Francisco-based provider of people management software, is reporting significant momentum and growth with more than 400 financial services customers now leveraging the company’s platform, up 40% in the last 12 months from the same time a year earlier.

And while financial services firms navigated another year of change in 2022, many are evolving their workplaces by introducing hybrid and remote work environments, upskilling workforces, and developing company cultures that drive employee productivity. Projections show, however, that reskilling and upskilling will becoming increasingly critical, with the sector expected to be 350,000 people short of suitable digital and technology skills by 2025.

Lattice, which reports growth across all customer segments, began working with 130 new financial services companies in 2022, serving more than 100,000 employees in the industry. Customers leverage the Lattice platform to build a data-driven people strategy, improve employee engagement, and align workers around company goals, the company confirms.

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