Customer Wins for Cogito, Medallia, SugarCRM, DecisivEdge, and Konnect Insights

Partnerships Are Formed with Two US Health Firms, Nomad Health, ARA, and Zepto

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Cogito Gets Three-Year Renewal Agreement with US Healthcare Giant

Cogito, the provider of an enterprise call center AI solution, announced that a top US health organization has renewed its agreement with the company for three years through 2026. The renewal extends the healthcare organization’s current deployment of Cogito’s real-time coaching and guidance AI in their contact center, which supports multiple lines of business including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and dental.

Cogito’s solution analyzes the human voice, combining emotion and conversation AI to provide real-time coaching and guidance to contact center agents. The solution also gives supervisors visibility into the live conversations of their teams and monitors CX and employee experiences (EX).

Under the partnership agreement, Cogito will support more than 8,000 customer service representatives of the healthcare company along with the contact center’s business process outsourcing (BPO) partners. The company will leverage newly released products, including software integrated with Salesforce AppExchange for a unified desktop; personalized coaching solutions for the professional development of employees; and conversation AI capabilities to respond effectively to specific healthcare topics.

The healthcare organization’s internal teams will also explore how they can use Cogito data to help streamline their own quality processes to improve the health outcomes of the populations they serve.

Medallia Is Chosen by Nomad Health as Its CX Partner

CX and EX specialist Medallia says it has been selected as the experience platform of choice by Nomad Health, the digital marketplace for healthcare jobs that allows nurses and allied health professionals to search for employment across all 50 US states.

“Finding the best way to serve clinicians is the foundation to everything we do here at Nomad Health,” says Kristal Offutt, the company’s senior director of CX. “Getting robust feedback from clinicians on a regular basis will allow us to continue to live up to our mission—to remove every obstacle between providers and the patients they care for.”

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Medallia expressed delight to be working with Nomad Health. “To stay ahead of changing market conditions and rising expectations, brands must understand their customers and employees across every touchpoint and act quickly to deliver exceptional experiences,” the company said in a statement.

Headquartered in New York City, Nomad Health says it aims to simplify the $40 billion healthcare staffing industry. The company built the first online marketplace for temporary clinical jobs, offering higher pay to clinicians, lower cost to health systems, and a streamlined, transparent process to the entire market.

SugarCRM to Team Up with Australia’s ARA Property Services and ARA Indigenous Services

The AI-driven CRM platform SugarCRM announced that it has been selected by Australia’s ARA Property Services and ARA Indigenous Services to modernize their sales and customer service operations. The two companies are part of the ARA Group that supplies commercial cleaning and property maintenance services for facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

The companies will leverage Sugar Sell Premier to automate and accelerate deals and the Sugar Serve customer service solution to provide a differentiated and positive CX. With both Sugar solutions working together on a single platform, the sales and service teams at both ARA companies will have a comprehensive view of customer history and engagement, enabling organizational alignment and tighter customer communications for a better overall experience, executives at both companies affirm.

“Sugar will help us champion a customer-first approach to sales and service,” says Paul McCann, CEO of ARA Property Services. “We were impressed by Sugar’s modern platform with artificial intelligence at its core and its ease of use.”

Jason du Preez, SugarCRM’s senior vice president for Asia-Pacific, says the ARA companies are reputable for their steadfast commitment to leveraging technology toward providing exceptional CX. “The Sugar platform will do the work to provide a true 360-degree view of its business operations and client operations to fuel business growth opportunities and create customers for life,” du Preez states.

DecisivEdge and Salesforce Transform Health Firm’s CX

Partnering with Salesforce, the business consulting and technology firm DecisivEdge has transformed the patient admission process at a top-ranked US behavioral health center. Through a call center workflow system that not only incorporates an intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) but also integrates and optimizes Salesforce actions, the health organization’s call center agents can now capture information and match patient needs to the appropriate facility quickly and clearly. As a result, the health organization has been able to reduce the abandon rate of inbound calls, cut time to admission, and improve both patient EX and call center agent success.

“Call center agents are on the front lines of patient care, yet too often their tools are disparate and disconnected,” says Karl Fischer, managing director of CX transformation at DecisivEdge. “With technology, analytics, and a data-driven strategy, we are able to deliver a streamlined desktop workflow that enables these agents to drive more effective, meaningful patient conversations.”

The center’s workflow moves the agent through stages from point of contact to admission, including an application to schedule patient pickups that integrates with the advisor’s case intake screens. And through the solution, call center agents have the flexibility to transition among tasks while maintaining visibility to open areas, fallouts, and next steps to complete an admission.

Konnect Insights Is Picked by India’s Zepto to be New CX Partner 

 Konnect Insights, the Mumbai, India-based omnichannel CXM platform, has been selected by Zepto, one of India’s fast-growing providers of e-grocery service, to be its partner in delivering best-in-class customer care. Aiming to stay ahead of the competition, Zepto executives say it is important to hear what customers say about the company and to take measures that ensure customers are satisfied.

“Our customers are paramount to the success of our business. We are constantly leaning into customer conversations and feedback to enhance their experience with the brand in the most holistic way possible,” states Amritansu Nanda, CMO at Zepto. “We are glad to partner with Konnect Insights to leverage their findings, solutions, and expertise in making Zepto a prominent and trusted household name in the country.”

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With its social listening, analytics, and online reputation management tools, the Konnect Insights platform enables Zepto to tune into customer conversations and to keep customers engaged, Konnect executives say. Founded in 2021 by Stanford University dropouts, Zepto is valued today at an estimated $900 million following a recent Series D raise of $200 million. The company is present in 10 major cities in India, delivering more than 5,000 products to homes.

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